The Twilight Saga

renesmee my forever lasting love pt 17

I woke up in my bed. Mom was there.
"Why am i the one that always blacks out?"
"Because I am you're mother and i was a very clumsy human." I laughed
"Jake tells me stories." We laughed
"So how long was i out? Six months again?"
"No, 20 minutes."
" so hows jake?"
"Fine. Hes at his house. He feels bad."
"Ok the i'm going to scare him." Mom smiled and i jumped out the window.
I snuck through the window of his room knowing he'd be watching tv in the living room.
i snuck up behind him
"Boo!!!" He jumped up fliping back whiling forming. I threw myself into the wall. I was terrified, i knew he wouldnt hurt me on purpose. So i looked at him he looked upset. I walked up to him.
"I'm sorry that i scared you. I was dumb. You'd never hurt me, and we both know that."
I could tell that he smriked. He walked into his room to change back. I looked at the tv and it was shatterd into a million pieces. He came back out , human but still a little upset.
"Nessie i am...."
"Jake no. Ok? You just scared me and broke your tv. I almost killed you. Remember? Ok so no apologys."
"Ok." He said still upset. I gave him a kiss he smiled.
"So what do you want to do?"
" we'll i broke my tv so we cant watch tv or movies. So, i dont know."
"I dont know..."
"I guess its ok. But only arm wrestling."
"Ok then lets see what everyone else is doing."
We walk to the house, his arm was around waist. whenever i walked i either found; my hand in Jake's, jake arm around me or, myslef looking for jake only for him to come up behind me grabing me.

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