The Twilight Saga

The second floor living room was full of presents. I got the new i phone8, an ton of clothes, shoes, jewelery. I got a heart neckless that brakes into two pieces that say "my other half". Jake tooked disapointed. Aunt alice was cracking up.
"Whats wronge hunny?"
" umm" he took out jewlery box. And handed it to me. Its a heart bracelet that says "you are my heart".
I smiled "its not that bad hun i love it." Hugging jake.
Mom chimed in trying to help. "And mine is a locket so its diferent."
"Wow thanks bells." Everyone started laughing
The presents kept coming.
"Renesemee the last present is in your room" said dad so we whent.
Instead of a twin bed that had a white sheet on it and boxes holding every thing esle except the 10 shirts that fit in my tiny closet and the old rocking chair. It was bigger i had a beautiful black and white queen bed with red and black pillows. Collage picture frames filled with my favorites. A white board. A desk. A larger beautiful closet with mirrored doors. My room was red, with, black,and grey. And 100% beautiful.
" thank you guys so much your amazing."
" ok you put you persents away and we'll clean up". Said gramma
So everyone but jake whent to clean jake and i grabbed bag after bag of presents. And put them on the floor. We sat on the bed.
"I keep messing up."
"Jake its not just you."
"Yes it is because your perfect."
"Hahahha shut up. No matter what your my forever."
"A forever lasting love story."
"We'd be one mest up story."
"Yep a vampire and a werewolf. That'd be intresting"
"Who would have ever thought." I said as he said leening in
then are lips met it was the best kiss we ever had.
we heard a faint grawl and then a thud.
"Well you would be made inthe first place if you wherent invaid you daughters or her boyfriend brain! Do i have to put a force feild around them?"
"Good now go help your mother."
We started cracking up
"You gotta love my mom."
We laught harder. Then started putting every thing away. About two hours later jake and i where laying on my bed while listen to his heart and he stoked my hair. I heard faint sobbing followed by a scream. Jake and i where on are feet and out the window before you could even blink. What is going on.
The next part is very specail its the 20th. Its going to be crazy aro is coming and what was the sobbing and screaming.
I also am putting in a twist.
1) I have been signing my author notes with a 'J' can you guess my name? If you guess my first name i will put you in my story.
2) the first person to their favorite line in and put who said in what part. You will also be put in my story.
3) if you are the first preson to put your favorite event and a short sentence why its you favorite you while also you in
my story.

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Comment by DreamlessSleep on August 19, 2012 at 6:24pm

Denyella jones. Guessed my name correctly. My name is Jenna. Thank you denyella.

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