The Twilight Saga

Iwas running as fast as i could with jake right behind behind me. The screaming started again but now only a mile away. We where there with in seconds. i hid in a tree. Jake waited below me. i saw three figures. on was on the ground in agony and two were looking down at her.
" Why cant we just finish her off."
"No, ariana We need her."
"We can get more. let me at her!"
Ariana lunged at the girl on the ground. The woman pulled her back an snapped arina's neck. Then threw her onto the other side of the feild. Then threw a lighter.
"Oh ariana stupid stupid ariana. Why couldnt you hold your thirst? Now you are gone. But aleast i have her."
She walk over to the girl. "You are destened for great things young one great things. I will see you in three days."
She ran into the other side of the forest.
"Renesmee can you hear me" it was coming form my head
"Um can you hear me" i tought
"Yes its jenna this is my power. Im in thetree behind you. We have to get that girl and and leave now."
We ran and got the girl and whent home.
"Whats going on" aunt rose said
thats when i realized the girl was covered in blood
"Alice get bella and jasper out here. Emmett get edward esme and carisle now." She instructed
we rushed the girl in to grandpa carisles medical room. Dad gramma and grampa came in and aunt rose rushed us out. "Girls what happened and wheres jacob."
"What happened back there?" Jake said as he walked through the door. I showed them everything from jumping out the window to carrying her through the door.
Then we looked at jenna
"Jenna i need you to tell me who that woman was and why she wants the girl so bad."
"I dont know i just remember her asking my sister and i to come with her promising a life of more power and happiness, she was just very odd. We met her in north corlina when we where young. I just had a bad feeling.
Grandpa came out and everyone followed. jenna told them what she knew and i showed them.
They told me to go sleep because we have and big day the next day.i almost forgot.
I woke up and put on black yoga pants and a black shirt and a black jacket and bennie. Clothes like the family wore last time we saw aro. I whent down stair every one was wearing bright colors exept for seth and jake. Seth had on a gray t-shirt and jake was wearing a black one. I look at dad.
"Why arent you guys wearing the clothes."
"Renesmee we wear that when we fight not to meet someone."
"Oh ok." I went up stairs and put on a little red dress aunt rose had given me and put one some black heels.
i came down stairs and sat on jakes lap
"So what do you think that woman is up to?"
"It might just be a power trip. Thinks that she was given the powers of gods. Which makes some go insane and make minons or followers." Grandpa said
"What are we going to do with the looney godess show her who are the real gods are?" Uncle emmett said
"No the volturi will see it today and do what they wish."
"Thats not as fun as what i had in mind."
Dad sat up "he's here right on time and alone."
we headed out. Jake grad my hand and had the other on my waist.
we waited and aro came up the hill
"Hello my dearest friends."
"Hello aro how are you?" Grandpa said
"I am doing well. And i see so is your family. It has expanded?"
"Yes we have two new members"
"Aww well fhello new member. Can you please introduced yourselfs?"
Jenna steped foward hold seths and little roses hands.
"I am jenna and this is my sister rose." She said pulling little rose forward
"Nice to meet you rose and jenna. I am aro."
"Hello renesmee"
"Hello aro"
"My! You have grown."
"Thank you"
"Your welcome. May i?" He said pointing to my hand.
"Yes you may." I said i looked and jake he droped his hold. I stepped forward. He took my hand.
he then stepped back.
"A half blood and a shape shifter" he cuckled "i see that you almost attacked him in extreme thirst but controled your self. Very good. And you have twin half blood friends now. And carisle just two?"
"We are just takeing care of her until the transformation. Then she may choose."
"Very well." He walked of to jenna "may i?"
she nodded
He took her hand.
He stepped back.
"Exelent. Well my friends i wish i could stay but i have other buissness to attend to. Goodbye."
"Goodbye aro."
Then he left.

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