The Twilight Saga

I elbow whoever it is in the stomach and flip them i scream for dad and i have my hands around the persons neck
Dad had read me mind and was up at the door before i could finish calling he flips on the lights and there is jacob laying on the floor knocked out
I felt so bad. aunt rose had carried me out of the room while uncle emmett had jake on his shoulders. aunt rose had put me on the living room couch. the couch always makes me fall asleep

I am in the woods i know these woods but they are not from here there is something runs after me i know im dreaming but it feels so real somthing come from the side thrwing me really far and someone has there hands aroumd my neck

I wake up screaming and mom is right there with her check near may hand ready for me to show her the dream. I show her and she gives me a hug
" its ok hunny. You wont be in forks any time soon so that wont happen."                                                                                       Forks?!?
"Jake's outside he wants to talk to you."
i get up and go out side i know where he is. He is in our spot it a woody area near a river
" nessie i am so sorry "
he grabs me and pulls me in for a kiss but not the normal kiss on the cheek. this is on the lips. so i duck and run. what was he THINKING! I AM FIVE YEARS OLD. 

" you little..." 

He said getting up and running after me playfuly and i ran as fast as i could around the woods then sat in the highest tree for a little while knowing jake would think id run home and dad would know that jake tried to kiss me so he'd go to a little house that gramma esme made for him so i whent home
" uncle emmett you hungry?"
I love hunting with uncle emmett its fun
" i thought youd never ask!" he said jumping up
so we ran out side
i got an elk and two deer
uncle emmett got two elk and four deer we whent home and i whent to bed it was a long day

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Comment by Jules Webb on July 1, 2012 at 12:14pm

It's pretty good, just u might want to check your grammar and such before u try to publish it. I'm just trying to give good feedback, not trying to be rude or anything. I still loved it! Onto pt3!

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