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renesmee my forever lasting love pt5w

When we got to forks mom reviewed are story which i heard a hundred times. My perants are dads long lost brother and sister-in-law. They died in a car crash five years ago when i was seven.
In the car grandpa was talking more then normal. Talking about every one in town and how he has been spending time up at the 'res'. I missed going there with jake we'd picnic and play in tje water he taught me how to surf.
Grandpa said we where going there later to eat dinner with Billy.
Right now we where going to the lodge to eat i was a little hungry.
When the waitress came over to take our order she looked at mom shocked
" BELLA! Is that you?"
" Yes, Erika it is me! Who else would put up with him." Mom said playfuly
" so i guess the old graden burgar for you and a steak for charlie..."
"I wont be eating today. Sorry."
"Oh dont worry. We still got one more mouth to feed over there" she said pointing at me
"Oh, me? Can i just have a steak?"i said not knowing what to do i have never been in a restraunt before.
"How do you want that?"
"Umm..." i was confused i just whanted steak. Hunting is soo much easier. I gave mom a confused look and showed her an image of me hunting a beautiful elk
" rare" mom said
We ate mom told erika about my 'story'. Then we whent to grandpas house.
"Bella. I hope you dont mine both of you sleeping in you room."
" of course not ill probally fall asleep in the chair reading" she said with a wink
grandpa left moms room exactally how she left when see moved out with a few boxes laying around.
We whent to billy's it was fun. Then home to sleep.
Earlie the next morning i woke up a note:

My beautiful daughter,
I am off to hunt. I am close so you can come and join me. Grandpa is at work.
P.s. dont cook i dont want the house to burn down.
Love, mom

So i put in clothes and whent out side. I ran into the woods close to the house and i saw something out of the coner of my eye and a felt something threatning so i ran as fast as i could. I realize this is exatly like my dream. I go into panic mode and i start running but im so confused and i dont know where i am soo all i can do is brace myself for the sevond vampire to throw me it happens but i land on my feet and run up a tree they are on the ground. Its two young girls about eight and seven.
"Where'd she go?" Said the 'seven' year old
You i jumped down on the the older ones back and grab her by the hair and throw her into a tree. I remember some moves uncle emmett and uncle jasper taught me. Go to the little one and she throw a punch i grab it she throws a second and dodge it and swoop under her legs standing behind her i put my hands on her neck in ready to snap it.
" who are you? What are you? Where is the rest of your clan? And why are you after me?"
"I am rose. I am half human half vampire. Its just my and my big sister, Jenna. And we though you where after us.please dont kill me."
"How old are you?"
"I am a year old"
i saw something taller burst out of a tree leeping next to me pushing something and grabing it.
"Mom!" I said
"Renesmee what is going on here" she said putting jenna in the same hold
"These half blood twins. Rose and Jenna attacked me. No clan."
"Well if we put you down will you anything hasty like attack or run?"
"No ma'm" theyboth said
"Do you think we could take them home teach them. Then send them to nice place or keep near home."
"Good idea. I ll call your father and ask"

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Comment by Jules Webb on July 1, 2012 at 12:24pm

Okay. Good story...But the punctuation! It's really distracting! Plz PLEASE fix! Thanks!

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