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I knew he had feeling for me but not like that. I feel like that every day. I gave him a hug as tight as i could.
"Thank you" i said and i gave him a kiis on the cheeck. Did i get taller? I didnt have to jump.
"Your welcome but why are YOU thanking ME?
"Thank you for finaly telling me."
"Welthank you for being you and loving me." He gave me a kiss on the lips.
i giggled
"What? What did i do?"
"I'm going to have to get use to that."
we laught and whent inside.
Every one was standing there. I looked to dad.
"We have to leave."
i nodded and every one whent into the garge.
" ok seth you will take Jenna and Little Rose in your car." He nodded and they left
"Rose and emmett." They nodded an left in aunt rose's car
"Alice, jasper." They left in aunt alice's porshe.
Gramma and grand pa had already left.
Dad look at me and my hand in jakes and sighed. I nodded lett go an whent get into moms car.
"Renesmee there is a change in plans." Ilook at dad confused
"You and jake will be going in the same car." I coulnt help but jump up sheiking and i ran to jakes side relaceing our fingers.
"Since jake drives slow an you drive as fast as the rest as us you will be driving. You can follow us but i am sure you rmember the drive."
"Yes i do." We drive most of our away to alaska from north america down to the bottom of south america.
Mom And dad drove off and i got in moms old car. Its the car dad gave to mom before the transformation.
I got in with jake sitting next to me. An i sped off.
I ask jake to fill me in.
"So jenna and rose where already vegatarians like your family. Cause they couldnt stand the thought of killing somthing that there mother was. So they didnt know what you eat and when you where in attack mode they didnt know and defened themselves. And appatently you wherent done growing."
I look at myself in the mirror. I didnt look 12 to 15 anymore. I looked 17-20.
my eyes where darker and my hair was longer. I laught and gave him a kiss. And thought to myself 'dad i love you but eyes and mind on the road im ok.' My phone rings. I put on speaker.
"Hello Mom" i answer.
"No. Its you father. YOU need to keep YOUR eyes and mind on the road not jacobs face." Jake starts laught uncontrolably. I smack himin the stomach playfuly.
"Thats my girl." An dad hung up. Jake and i laught.

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Comment by Jules Webb on July 1, 2012 at 12:35pm

Love Love Love IT!!!

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