The Twilight Saga

I drove for 30 hours and i was on no sleep. I can go a couple of days with out sleep normaly, but now i think i can go forever since i was asleep for 6 months. Its 1 am and jake just woke up he hasnt been sleeping well.
"Hey beautiful."
"You know i can get a hotel room for you, and i could stolk the car and get gas."
"No i'm ok"
"You are soo stubern"
"Me stubern? Says the girl that just got out of a vampire coma and has been driveing for 30+ hours and on no sercostances will she let her boyfriend drive."
"Werewolfs." I said playfuly but sounding annoyed
"Vampires" he said the same way.
"Can you hand me that gallon of water?"
"Again? Honey you need to eat."
"No im just thristy."i said chuging the whole gallon. The fire burned my throat again. Im going to hunt at home. Itell my self. Im going to hunt at home.
"Honey look at yourself." He said handing me a mirror. My eyes where huge and black pitch black. My lips were cracked.
"Honestly Ness. Id never say this usless it was true and i was worried for you. You look terible, horibble."
he said opening a package of snowballs.
he cut his finger a was bleeding. I throw on the brakes. Jake look horified. I almost attacked him then i throw open my door and ran into the woods. I texted him.

I am so sorry. Ill run the rest of the way. And we need to break up.
I cant hurt you. I love you so much.
bye, Renesmee

I cant hurt him. I know if dad almost attacked mom hed kill himself. But i cant hurt everyone like that.
i got a call. Its dad.
"I do know. I think i hurt jacob feelings."
"Stay where you are we are comeing back."
And he hung up i get a call its aunt alice.
"Im ok."
"Ya but is jake i dont see him with us anymore. I saw him bleed you attack and leave him sitting there shocjed. I tried to look for you guys in the furture i see you but not him."
"I-i dont know."
i hung up and ran back to the car i did see him i walk around to his door because it was open. There jake was laying on the ground eye open not moving. Barely a pulse there and it was slowing. I saw mom and dad i was crying. Mom called grandpa, aunt alice, aunt rose, and seth. They were there with seconds. His pulse is almost gone.

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Comment by DreamlessSleep on June 26, 2012 at 3:12am

Read the next one before you get mad about jake being hurt. Trust me i am team jacob

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