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My eyes flashed open and I saw, not the dense vegetation of the woods, but the familiar sights of my bedroom. The minty green and royal purple walls were lit by the faint light of the moon. I glanced over at my clock, surprised to see that it was around 1:30 in the morning. I thought that it would have been earlier than that.
I leaped blithely from my bunk, examining my clothes. A silk camisole and matching shorts…no bra. Crap. This was definitely the work of Alice, with assistance from her partner in crime, Rosalie.
I could faintly remember some cold arms picking me up off of the flooded ground. Maybe Dad or Emmett, might have been Mom. I tip toed out of my room and to the banister, ducking down so I couldn’t be seen, but could spy on my family below the railing. Everyone was sitting in the living room, talking quietly.
Not a good sign.
I breathed out quietly, hoping they couldn’t hear it. Of course, they could hear it. “Nessie, come on downstairs. We have some things to talk about.”
Curse Dad and his fantastic hearing. I slugged down the stairs and plopped down next to Rosalie, my favorite aunt. She put her arm around me and hugged me to her. “So, what’s up?” Dad looked sternly at me.
“I think you have a good idea of what’s up.” Hoo-boy this was gonna be good.
“Listen, I’m sorry I ran out like that, but I couldn’t think! I was just freaking out and need to get away for a little while.” Rosalie tightened her grip on me and kissed my forehead.
“It’s alright Nessie. But, I think Jacob wants to talk to you himself.” She motioned towards the shadows and Jacob came out into the room. He looked anxious, and a little worried.
“Ness, do you mind if we talk? Alone?” He held out his hand and I took it, walking with him out to the woods. We walked in silence for a while until we came to our field. It was soaked, so Jacob pulled me up into the giant oak tree (how it survived in wet, wet, wet Washington weather is beyond me) with him. I snuggled into his chest, appreciating the warmth. “Nessie, I have to explain what happened today. I’m sorry if you got freaked out by the suddenness of it, but everyone could see that it was happening, and that it was time you knew.”
I closed my eyes and decided to hear him out. It couldn’t be that bad, could it?
“Renesmee, when your Mom was pregnant with you, I absolutely hated you. I thought that you were the worst thing in the world, because I had to watch your mom be destroyed from the inside out. But, when you were born, everything changed. You weren’t an abomination; you were the most beautiful creature that I had ever seen in my whole life. That’s when I imprinted on you; the moment I first laid eyes on you.” He smiled. “Basically, I have loved you ever since I first saw you in Rose’s arms. All those seven years ago.”
I was stunned. I knew that Jacob had always loved me, but not this kind of love. I stared up at him, and something started to burn inside me. I tried to think of what it was, but couldn’t think of it. I looked up at his eyes, which were gazing down at me, and found it. Love. True, undoubted love. I realized at that very moment that I was in love with Jacob.
A smile spread across my face and I whispered, “I love you.” Jacob looked at me, excitement and apprehension on his face.
I put my hands on his cheeks and stared him straight in the eyes.
“I said, I love you Jacob Black.” He looked beyond happy and hugged me to him.
“I’ll love you forever and always Ness.” I leaned up and kissed him very softly, even more gently than I had done earlier that day. Jacob put his arms around my waist, pulling my closer to him, and I wrapped my arms around his neck. When we broke apart our foreheads were touching, and I blushed, smiling. I had just told my best friend in the entire world that I was in love with him, and had kissed him twice in one – well really two – days. Things were looking up for me. Jacob cradled me into his arms and jumped out of the tree, setting me on the ground. He pulled something out of his pocket and kneeled down onto the ground.
“Oh, no.” I gasped. I knew what he was about to do.
“Nessie, I promise to love you forever and always, every single day of forever,” He smiled. “Renesmee Carlie Cullen, will you marry me?” He opened the little black box and sitting in it was a beautiful silver engagement ring, with 6 small diamonds woven into the design, cradled by the ring. My heart was pounding fast. Very fast. Is the guy I love seriously asking me to marry him?
“Ness?” he asked, confused.
I whispered, “Yes!”
Jacob stood up and slid the ring onto my finger. He caught me in a spinning hug, and I laughed. I knew what I wanted now, and this was definitely what I wanted.

6 months later....

"Push Nessie" commanded Carlisle.
"I... am... pushing!" I panted.
"She's doing fine. I can see the baby's head. That baby has a head full of hair." said Rosalie.
Two more pushes and I could hear a baby crying.
"Oh my god, the baby is gorgeous!" Rosalie exclaimed.
"Is she okay? Is the baby okay?" I heard Jacob asking.
"Yes, she and the baby will be just fine," my father had told him.
I could hear Jacob running up the steps.
"Jacob, I think you would love to see your new daughter," Carlisle smiled.
"Her name is Jalina. Jalina Makiyah Black," I told everyone.
"The name is beautiful," said Jacob.

"How are you feeling, Nessie?" asked Dad.
"I just want to hold Jalina. Let me hold her, please" I said.
"We should leave them alone. Come on." my mom said.
Everyone left. It was just Jalina, Jacob, and I in Carlisle's office. They moved everything around so it looked like a hospital room.
"She's so beautiful." Jacob said.
I was speechless and very tired so after five minutes of staring at my daughter, and I fell asleep. I felt Jacob’s warm lips kiss me on the forehead and shut the door carefully.
It was 10 in the morning when I had woken up. Someone had moved me to my dad’s old room before him and my mom moved into the cottage. My dad was sitting in the rocking chair, with everyone- well almost everyone- of my family looking, and smiling at him holding Jalina. I plopped down on the couch, next to Rosalie, my favorite aunt.

"I thought it would be quite some time before I became a grandfather." He started laughing. I soon joined in.
"What were you expecting me to do, throttle Jacob?" he continued laughing.
"Ha-ha. that's exactly what I was expecting. But I'm happy you have finally accepted him." I said. "Where's mom?"
I looked around the room, where everyone was, but didn’t see her.
"Oh! Bella... hmm...she went shopping with Alice-"
"To get more baby clothes. I'm shocked. there was a time when Alice would have to force mom to go shopping." I interrupted him.
"Who said anything about Bella going willingly?" he said. We once again started laughing.
"Yes, Renesmee?"
I grimaced. Why did he have to call me that? I took a deep breath, and sighed.
"Well, I was just wondering if I could... attend school this year. I have been very bored here. And I am looking for something new to do." I stated.
"That’s fine with me."
"But I want to go alone. I mean, we will have to make up stories and how we are all related. And that just takes to much time." I practically whined. It's just I wanted; A normal life. School is a way to get away from all this. I'm not tired of it. But I want to talk to girls who are my age. I want to talk about boys and Ooh and Ah at things. And if the whole family comes with me, it won't happen. No one will approach me, definitely if Emmett or Jacob comes. Do you understand, dad? I don't want to be mean.
"I understand. And you can go. Bella and I will go to enroll you into Forks High School. You will go as my younger sister, okay?" he assured me.
"It's more than okay," I smiled, and then kissed him on his cheek. “Thanks, dad.”
Before he could say anything, Alice ran up and busted into the room.
"I can't believe you don't want me to go! Hmph! I can't believe you want to go to school! Now who am I going to go shopping with?" Her eyes were definitely disappointed.
"I'm sorry Alice but this will be a interesting experience. The only humans that I see are Charlie and Sue and they don't count because they are family.
"Alice that's enough." my dad interrupted, "if she wants to go alone, then she can go alone. It should be an interesting experience for her."
"Okay, fine. I guess I’ll have to settle for Bella." And with that, Alice left.
"Alice I'm sure I can skip the days you want to shop." I said. No need to yell, I'm one-hundred percent positive she heard me.
"No. You want to be normal and go to high school. This is what teenagers do. Alice wants to shop almost everyday- no scratch that Alice- wants to shop everyday and you aren't skipping everyday to go with her." my dad explained.
"But I can skip every once in a while-"
"No, you aren't skipping to go shopping."
"Fine,” I sighed. “I guess I'll just go take a shower then."
"Lunch is ready as soon as your done."
So I took a shower. It was fast, but I loved the nice, warm water splashing across my skin, it felt good. I was dying to go see Jalina again, so I hopped out. I wonder, does she prefer blood or human food? I thought to myself.
"She likes human food." Someone had said. I jumped and turned around, and the jump almost made the towel fall off. Nice, warm hands caught the towel and covered me back up. I knew who that was.
"Jake! Where have you been? How's Jalina doing?” I paused. He took my face in his hands. “H-How did you know what I was thinking?" I whispered.
"I was downstairs eating and I didn’t know, just took a wild guess." He laughed
"Renesmee Carlie! Get down here!" my mother yelled. I absolutely hated it when she called me by my full name. Don't get me wrong I love my name, it's just a freaking mouthful. My mom refuses to call me by the nickname everyone calls me. I have always insisted that she call me Nessie, but she refuses. Clearly she hasn't lost her stubborn trait. I wonder how dad put up with her stubbornness.
"No, it's not. Sorry." My dad answered my unspoken question.
"Yeah, thanks dad. When I want you to answer my thoughts I will surely let you know." That brings me to my next point. What I wouldn't give to have my mom's shield? she's the only one that doesn't have to worry about my dad nosing around in her head. How did anyone put up with that. Him constantly speaking on your thoughts. Ugh! Now that can be very annoying. It's like you actually have to be careful what you think about when you are around him. It makes me think of when Jake and I first started dating...

"Aww, come on, Edward. She's just spending the night. Nothing inappropriate."
"I don't care what you say, it's what you're not saying that's stopping her from going."
"I promise I will keep it PG"
"How about you keep it G or I will gladly rip your head off so you don't have to worry about thinking inappropriate thoughts?"
"Dad! It's not anyone's fault that you can read minds. Maybe if you learned how to not read peoples' minds, you wouldn't have to worry about what Jake is thinking about."
"Come on Edward. Nessie is practically 21. Quit treating her like she's 3." Emmett pleaded.
"Emmett you stay out of this." Dad snapped.
"Edward you knew this was going to happen sooner or later. so I don't know why you are freaking out. Be happy that they decided on going to his house. They could have just went to the cottage and got it on."
"EMMETT!" This time it was my dad, Jacob and me who screamed his name. My dad was getting ready to rip his head off and you know what he does. Laughs! Typical Emmett, his life is threatened and he laughs...... You can always count on Emmett to find a joke in a serious situation.

I pulled back from memories. It was Jalina, Jake, and I eating lunch. Jalina actually enjoyed the burgers and fries that Esme made. I passed on the burger but ate the fries.
"What do you want to do?" Jake asked me.
"Actually I wanted to take Jalina to the beach. Want to come?" I answered, smiling at his face.
"Of course." he smiled back.

The waves crashed over the rocks. Jalina was fascinated with the action. Jacob held her while she stared at the waves, jumping every time the waves crashed up on the rocks, and we laughed. I felt so calm, peaceful. No one was trying to hurt or even kill my family members. Also, I was starting school tomorrow. Life couldn't be better right now. Jake interrupted my thoughts.

"You've been quiet since we got here. What are you thinking bout?"
"Just how happy I am. Sitting here with you and our beloved daughter."
"It sucks that you want to go to school. At least let me come with you."
"You can come later but I want to at least make some friends. Genuine friends. If you come the girls would only want to talk to me so I can get them a hook up. Guys wouldn't even want to come within three feet of me if you're standing with me."
"I promise I will be on my best behavior."
"That's the problem,” I whined. “Your best behavior involves cracking jokes, making people sweat, and humiliating people. In a way, you are just like Emmett."
"Hey! I take that as an insult." He looked furiously at me, like I just him with a toy plane or something.
"I didn't mean it that way, Jake. I'm just saying both of you are always looking for ways to pick at people."
"No, I'm obviously way better looking. And I'm hot literally-"

I cut him off with my laughing.
“You know,” he looked at me, his eyes glistening. “When you asked me to marry you, those were the exact words that my dad said to my mom.”
“I know.” he stared at the waves crashing, and then back to me. "We should be headed back. It's getting late."
"Cool. Plus, I'm hungry."
He stood up, and reached for my hand. I smiled, and took it, and got up.
"You are always hungry." He laughed.
Jacob was holding our lovely baby, while we walked back to the house.
“You know, I could get used to this.” I smiled
He laughed and so did Jalina.
I can tell everything was going great. Our baby, school, my Jacob, everything was perfect…

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Comment by Renesmee Carlie Cullen on July 24, 2009 at 6:16pm
no i got it from this website
i just added more to it and edited it
but i would never pladgerize so i give most of the credit to the people that came up with the idea
Comment by Rene Cullen on July 24, 2009 at 4:53pm
did u write all of that?

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