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Renesmee's Happily Ever After part 2 <3 First Day

I woke up and saw Alice rummaging around in my closet looking for my first day of high school clothes, no doubt." You should were this today Nessie," she held up a pair of pink skinny jeans and a white v-neck t-shirt.

I like it!" I grabbed the hangers and went into my bathroom. I took a shower and brushed my hair and put on a touch of make up. Perfect! I went downstairs and sat at the table across from Jacob." Morning Ness! You ready for today?" he asked I was guessing he just got down messing around with Emmett and yup broke a vase. Emse was not happy.

"EMMETTE CULLEN YOU WILL PAY THIS VASE!!" she yelled. I've never seen her so mad before.I went back to eating and ignored Emmett's laughter behind me. He came up and rubbed my head and messed up my hair."EMMETTT!" i slapped his arm." You jacked up my hair!!"

"Relax Ness, its ok see its all good!" he was in a really good mode today. Jake laughed and said" Ok ok lets go now." We all walked out into the garge and got into our cars. Me, Jacob, Daddy, and Mommy rode in the Volvo. Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, and Alice rode in Rosalie's car. When we got to the school, we had to drive an hour to go to Seattle because mom and dad just graduted from Forks High so we cant go back there again, Alice went over the game plan."Ok rememeber Rose and Jazz are the Hale twins again, me and Bella are sisters Edward and Nessie are siblings and Emmett and Jacob are friends from the adottion center."

We all agreed and went into the school it was the first day for everyone here summer had just ended. We went to our classes me and Uncle Jazz had math together fisrt. During class I dropped my pen and when I went to pick it up there was a guy staring at me, drooling! I laughed to myself and pushed my finger into Jasper's back he saw it all. His face my face. And he laughed at it.The bell rang. My next three classes flew by. It was time for lunch.

I walked into the cafe and looked for my family, pretending to eat there lunch, no luck. Just then I saw Emmett and Rose stand up. Rosalie saw me and waved me over. I smiled and walked over to them. It seemed as if everyone was afraid of us. Just like when my mom and dad were in school in Forks. We had our own talbe and no seemed to sit with us.

Jacob had an empty seat next to him so I sat there. " Hey Ness! How;s your day going to far?" he asked me. "Great Jake! How bout you?" I asked him "Eh, its ok" I laughed. My parents walked over holding hands and smiling.Hey M-Bella!" I couldnt say mom because I was suppose to be Carlisle and Emse's child cause I grew so fast.That and my mom thought it was weird to have a kid while she a acting as a high school girl." Hey Renensmee, how's your day?" she asked and took a seat across me, " Great Bella thanks!" It ws weird saying Bella and not Mom. My Dad said " We have class together next with Emmett and Alice." he picked at his lunch.

After school was over me and Jack went to La Push."Renesmee?" he said I loved it when he said my name" Can I ask you something?" he asked.

"Sure Jake anything." I was curious. " Ok, ummm, well do you know what imprinting really means?" he asked me.

"Ummm doesnt it mean that I'm the only person you I dont know." I confessesed.

He laughed at me and smiled" It means your the only one I'll ever love. Your the light in my world." He looked at me and put his hand behind my neck and leaned in. I was ready for this. I was happy about this. Just then Quil ran up behind me and yelled 'JAKE!! YOU GOTTA COME HERE!!" he pulled away before he could kiss me. UGH! STUIPD QUIL!


"Its Clair!" As soon as I heard the name i bolted towards him I used my FULL vampire speed, "What happened?" I demanded.He ran towards Clair" She, she , fell into tha whole I cant get her!" O.MG.! I ran over and jumped into the cave like whole. I heard Quil say something. Then Jake" RENESMEE GET OUT OF THERE!" he begged "NO NOT TIL I FIND HER!"

I saw Clair sitting there playing with a rock. She's so cute! "GOT HER!" I picked her up and used my vody to protect her from harm. I jumped out and handed Quil Clair." She's ok." I told him, he sighed and gave me a hug " Thanks so much Nessie!" I smiled. He left to take her home.

"Your brave." Jake said.I smiled." Thanks but, I think your braver. Wanna know why? Because you couldnt stand vampires and now one's your light to your world." I smiled at him again. He placed his hand behind my neck again and one on my waist. He leaned in and kissed me. It was perfect. But m dad would be SOOO angry! After that we went to my house. That's were it got ugly.

If you want me to writte more i will!!!!! Just say the words!

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Comment by suzy kim on July 31, 2010 at 3:29pm
hey can u make jake and nessi break up i mean tht would actully br better and interistinger k plz
Comment by Jordan Clement on July 30, 2010 at 12:32pm
Thank you!
Comment by Seashell0303 on July 30, 2010 at 4:16am
Ok good luvk writing the next 1
Comment by Jordan Clement on July 30, 2010 at 1:16am
the next one should be up soon!!!!!! <3
Comment by Kelley Brady on July 29, 2010 at 10:14pm
loving it...please write more!!!
Comment by Jordan Clement on July 29, 2010 at 8:50pm
i'm working on the next one now!
Comment by Kale on July 29, 2010 at 8:47pm
Comment by Alexis Schneider on July 29, 2010 at 8:18pm

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