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Renesmee's Happily Ever After part 4 alive? <3

I laid in my bed and thought about what mt dream could mean. Mom and Dad were in there room talking about it also, I could hear them.Was she alive? No my dad set her to flames, I cringed at the thought. Did she know people other then James and Laurent? Nope, they never came up in her thoughts, thats what my Dad said.

"Ugh!" I jumped up and stode on mt bed, ran my hands through my hand and flopped down onto the bed and sat there for a few minutes. I thought abou texting a friend from school, but it was 2 am."Ugh!" i tossed my phone down.So I went to get a cup of blood.

When I came downstairs my Mom yelled, "Edward! If she is dreaming of this then something is coming! I can feel it!!!" Man was she mad!

I ignored the thought and got a cup down and pulled out the pictcher of deer blood we kept for nights like this. The nights I couldnt sleep. After I poured the blood I took it and ran as I was running I tripped and fell. The blood slashed all over the carpet.

Mom and Dad came running to me. They look down at me. I look up at them with my face dripping with blood. I sat up on my knees and put my hands in my lap."Honey it's ok I get it cleaned up.Edward, take her up stairs please?" Dad helped me up and took me to my room as Mom cleaned up the mess I had made.

Sorry! I thought my Dad could hear me fine. He sighed and pushed my door open. He gave me a little smile so I smiled a little too." Honey it's ok. No one is going to touch you.I promies.Before your mom was a vampire I made the same promise to her.And nothing ever happened to her.'

"Thanks Dad.I love you." I kissed him on the cheak and craldded into my bed and closed me eyes.

As we left for Seattle I couldnt help but think about last night's mess I made on mommy's prettty carpet. She seemed upset about something.I set my finger on her shoulder so she could see how sorry I was about last night.

My classes flew by me and lunch approached. I went to my locker and grabbed my lunch. My friend,Josh, went with me to get my lunch. "Nessie,I know who you are.More like what you are." I stopped. "Excuse me?"

He smiled and I realized his eyes were black with hunger. He was a vampire?" I know Victoria" he smiled again.

Uh oh!

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Comment by Alexis Schneider on July 31, 2010 at 7:09pm
Comment by Meaghan on July 31, 2010 at 4:24pm
AMAZING>>> keep writing
Comment by Seashell0303 on July 31, 2010 at 4:47am
OMG cant wait for more.

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