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Renesmee's Happily Ever After part 5 dangers <3

He kept smiling at me. Why was he smiling? He basically just threatened me! I grabbed my lunch and closed my locker."Who's that?" I asked. I wasnt sure if he was a vampire or not. Maybe I was just seeing things.

He laughed" You know her Renesmee, she tried to kill your mother, Bella." he knew she was mom. No one knew that! I started towards the cafe. He let me walk away.I went into the cafe and my dad heard my thoughts and came over to me. "We'e going home now." he grabbed my wrist and my family followed us outside.

We went home to the main house so we could talk to Carlisle about this."Carlisle! Renesmee knows someone from school who know's Victoria." Carlisle stode there and ran his hands through his hair and thought about it for a few seconds.

"There's not much we can do other then keep him away. His he a vampire or a human?" they looked at me even dad.

"Ummmm, well when I was talking to him.His eyes were black with hunger and.." I explained.I looked around the room. Wait a second, where was Jacob? Just then he burst through the door." What the heck! Why didnt you people tell me you were leaving!!!" shoot! We didnt tell him.

"Jacob, my friend Josh he knows Victoria! And we think he's a vampire!" after I said that he relaxed and got into a protective stance. He wasnt going to let anything happen to me.Jacob walked over to me and put his arm around my shoulders and sighed."Well this is fabulous!" he said. Yup it sure was! Just fabulous!

That night I slept in my room with Jacob watching me sleep. After a while mom came and took his place so he could sleep too.The next day I sayed home from school with Jacob, Carlisle, and Esme. Me and Jake went to Port Angles and hung out for a while and saw a movie. Jaocb was always on look out.

When we got back to Mommy's car he pushed me behind him out of the blue. A growl released from his teeth. I was in panic mode by then.I caught the senct after him,Josh."Get in the car!" I quickly hopped into the car fast and watched in the mirror.

Josh came up to Jacob and smiled."Where is Rene-"he smiled and caught my senent. I slid down in my seat to try and hide. No luck!!

"Josh its not a good idea for you to be here right now." then I noticed something, his eyes, Josh's eyes, blood red.Vampire. For how long? Who was his creater? I needed to know! But I couldnt just ask him. He smiled and walked away without a backwards look a us. Jacob got in the car and floored it all the way home.

We explained to Carlisle what happened and his eyes. He paniced and called Dad. "Jacob take her to our house please? We'll be there in an hour or two." we nodded and left.

At home me and him went into my room. I sat on my bed and took a seat in my chair near the window where I normally would read a book.I pulled up my knees and wrapped my arms around them."Ugh! I'm like my mom when she as a human! I hate this, why cant I be normal Jacob? Why couldnt I have been full human? But no I had to be half vampire! I mean I love who I am and my family and all. But this is just to much for me!" I complained to him.

"Nessie, in case you havent noticed. I'm not as much human as you are. And I love you no matter what you are." he smiled at me and I smiled back.

I went to school the next day Jacob changed his scheale to be the same as mine. He had his arm around my waist all day. Dad didnt like it but he understode the reason behind it. Me and Jacob went walking around the courtyard during my free period. Josh saw us from the window on the second floor and he watched us. Jacob let his arm drop to his side. He ran and jumped and grabbed a tree and looked in. I ran inside the school.

Jacob came in a few second later and was running for his life.What?

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Comment by Jordan Clement on August 3, 2010 at 5:00pm
thanks for the idea Marsha!
Comment by Alextraviolet Cullen on August 1, 2010 at 11:54pm
not a Jacob fan!! Can he break it off with Renesmee !!! She should marry Nahuel the half vamipre who Alice found and save her life. jacob too immature and not smart, plus he has no respect for Edward as a father. He need too learn some self control, give Renesmee time too grow up. She need 14 human years before she should date, then whe she has turn 21 years old in human years and Jacob finish college. then he can ask Edward for her hand in marriage.
Comment by Mrs. Kayla Cullen on August 1, 2010 at 10:02pm
keep going
Comment by Seashell0303 on August 1, 2010 at 9:33pm
That was a very good chapter.
Comment by Alexis Schneider on August 1, 2010 at 5:37pm
Y do i keep saying more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by Jordan Clement on August 1, 2010 at 1:30pm
Jaocb fan?
Comment by Meaghan on August 1, 2010 at 1:03pm
nice story, I can't wait to see why jake was running for his life!!!!

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