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Renesmee's Happily Ever After part 1 <3

I looked around my room in our house in the words. Tucked away from other life such as humans and werewolfs even. Well one werewolf knows our home location. Jacob Black. He sat in the living room while I looked for my camera. I wanted to take a picture of us for a scapbook I was going to make of us.

"Nessies, did you find it?" he asked me when he walked into my room and picked it up off my dresser by my door. He chuckled,"Ya know for someone with amazing eye sight you missplace a lot of your stuff, Nessie"

"Ha ha very funny," I laughed with him at myself. I took the camera and waved for him to come down the stairs with me and into the garden with me.

"Why out here?" he said looking around.

"Because I like it out here. And it's pretty out here." I said as I walked over to the stone bench. I took a seat and waved him over. It seemed like I was always telling him what to do. Even though he was older then me.

He came and sat next to me. I turned my camera on and leaned againest his warm shoulder. He wrapped his arm around him and pulled me closer to his warm torso. I pulled the camera in front of me and smiled. I looked at him

"Jake smile, please for me." I pleaded to him. He smiled because of the way I said it I'm guessing. I turned back and pushed down on the big button. I took a few others of us laughing and just having a great time together like aways. Then I heard the,. more like smelled them, my mom ,Bella, and dad,Edward, make there way to the cottage. My mom came around to greet us. Jake still had his arm around me and pulled away when she came around and had a disapporving look on her face.

She was ok with him being imprinted on me just getting to me close scared her. I was 14, but look 16. She should be ok with the imprinting by now I mean come on.

"Hey kids, what are you doing out here?" she asked lightly hopping over the fence.

"Nothing just taking some pictures for my scrapbook." I told my mom. I hopped up and jogged over to her and gave her a hug. Jacob walked over and hugged her too. Jacbob is her best friend so it's not weird or anything.

"Hey Bells, could me and Renesmee go see a movie out in town?" he asked.

I got my please-mom face on and of course she fell for it like always. "Ok sure why not. But you may want to ask Edward, Jacob. "

"Awww come on. You know he'll say no."

"Jacob, he's being nice letting you in our lives, being with her, and with me. Cut him some slack ok? Ask him he's in a good mode you know."

"Jake please ask him! I really wanna go. I've never seen a movie other then on on DVD." I pleaded to him. He sighed and went towards the door. I jumped up and down clapping and followed him inside.

"DADDY!!!" He came down stairs and stode in front of us. " What is it baby girl?" he asked me. Mom was right, he is in a good mode. "Can me and Jake go see a movie in town. I've never seen one other then on DVD you know that." He sighed and shifted his weight. "I suppose, but Jacob nothing to scarey for her. She'll have nightmares again" I made a face at my dad for saying that.

Last time he was over me and him had watched a scary movie in the living room and I had nightmares so my dad, of course, held it againest him. "I promise." I ran upstairs at my more slowish vampire speed and grabbed my sweater from its hook and my bag Alice had gotten me for my birthday. "Ok I'm ready." I said when I was bac down stairs at the front door. "Coming." I heard Jake walk over to me.

We took my Mom's Ferriah, He wanted to be flashy with the car my Mom hated so much.

When we got to the movies I asked "Could we get some food? I'm starving and I forgot to eat before we left." he handed me some money "Jacob, I got money it's ok." he nodded.He took my hand and sparkes with through me.

I ordered us a larger popcorn, 2 medium cokes, and a packe of candy. I forgot my sweater and the theater was cold. Being half-humanit bothered me." Jake I forgot my sweater I'm gunna go get it." I took a step and he grabbed my wrist " Hey I'll keep you warm." He pulled me close like he did earlier today. I loved it when he did that. It sent bolts through me. We took aour seats and he asked me" Nessie, could I borrow your cell? My died." I nodded to him and handed it to him.

"Hey Bells, its Jake," paused" No!" paused "Ok Bells shut up and listen. Can I stay the night since were all going to the same place tomorrow"paused" BELLA!"paused"Well ask" paused" Thanks Bells!" and he hung up. I giggled at him and then the movie started.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It was around 10:30 when the movie ended. When we got to the car a couple of guys were hanging around it." Ummm. What are you doing?" Jacob asked. He wasnt going to let anything happen to me or mommy's car.

The taller guy looked away from the car " Dude, this is yours?!!" he asked."It's AWESOME!!!" He seemed happy. Jacob slide his arm around my waist and whispered into my ear" Be right back" I nodded.

"No, it's her mom's car. But I'm really close to the family so its sorta mine too. Now please leave it alone. NOW!" He was really mad. I scooted back a bit hoping he wouldnt phase and hurt me like Sam did to Emily awhile back." Hello? Leave!" the guys ran and one tripped.I laughed at the guy. Jacob drove me home.

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Comment by Kelley Brady on July 29, 2010 at 10:09pm
Really enjoying this.. Please write more!!!
Comment by Jordan Clement on July 29, 2010 at 9:27pm
well wat do you think?

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