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Renesmee's Life (new hamp.) chapter one: moving day

INTRO: well today is the day that her life in New Hampshire comes out. I hope you all like it!!!


  Something was shaking me, I opened my eyes and saw my mom. "Time to get up." she said. I threw the covers off of me and got up. I searched my closet for my old sweat pants. I couldnt find them to I settled on a pair of capri PINK sweat pants. I pulled out a gary tank top and a brown hoodie from Aeropostale. I got dressed, brushed my hair out and brushed my teeth. I took one long last look at my old bedroom, I reached for my bag and was out the door.


"Morning," my dad greeted me. I smiled. There was a plate of food on the table for me. As I was eating, I notcied I smelt blood, I looked around then noticed my parents were drinking blood from a cup. I gave them a weird look.


My mom laughed at me, "Since we'll be driving all day. We thought it would be a good idea to feed before we go. So we dont have to stop."


I nodded. I finshed eating and put my plate in the sink. My parents went to get there luggage. I went up the main house to say bye to everyone. When I reached the house everyone was outside. I hugged them all and told them all I loved them. Alice and Esme looked really upset that I was leaving them. I promsied them that I would visit when I got my own car. I was hoping for a mustang. My parents arrived at the house. My mom hugged everyone too. My dad didnt feel like he had to. I thought it was rude. Me and my mom got into dad's Volvo. Dad was taking Mom's farrehi. They had been fighting over taking it forever now. Mom didnt want to, but Dad insisted upon it. So were taking it.


I got into the car and sighed. My phone buzzed, it was a text from Jacob. He was wondering where we were. I told him we were leaving soon. I leaned out the window. "Mom! Hurry up, we still have to go get Jacob" I reminded her.


She smiled and nodded. Then hugged Alice one last time then came to the car. Dad pulled out first then us. It only took us a few minutes to get to the house.


When we got to his house, I hopped out. "Hey, Ness" he said.

"Hey, got everything?" I asked

"I sure hope so." he joked.

I laughed a little at him. I grabbed one of the bags and lugged it to the car. Mom helped us load the bags into the trunk. We all got into the car. Mom in the front me and Jake in the back. I was tried, so I pulled out the throw pillow I had pull in the car. I laid it againest the window and difted into sleep again. My sleep was dreamless. When I woke up we were in the state of Ohio.


"Hey sleepy head" Jacob teased.

I laughed. "How much longer?"

"Not much. Just a coulpe hours now." he answered.

"Good. I'm getting tried of being in this car."

"What do you mean?! You've been sleeping!"

"I know! But I need to stretch my legs!"

He laughed at me.

I pulled out my iPod and listened to it for the rest of the way. It was late when we arrived. But all the lights were on. Inside there was a line of maids and butlers ready for us.

"Dang!" Jacob whispered. I smiled.


A nice lady, a maid, took my hand and lead me to my room. We went up a grand stair case. She turned left and went down the hall. But it wasnt a hall. There was a wall on one side and a railing on the other. If you look over the rail it leads down to the grand entry way. She opened the second door for me.


"This is your room, Renesmee" she told me. I looked up.

"You can call my Nessie."

She smiled. "My name is Dea. I'm your personal maid. If you need me I'm the first room."

"Thank you, Dea"


Dea walked down to her room. My room looked almost like a queen's room! The far was curved and made of glass. On the left side was a balacony and on the right was a desk and dresser. Where the door was the walls dipped in to make a short hall. The was a large walk in closet on the right side of the room. The bed was againest the window wall. It was king size, none the less. I flopped down on the bed. Comfoty. I laughed to myself. I walked across the room and opend my suit case. I put on my pj's on and went to bed.



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