The Twilight Saga

  It was raining when I woke up. Usual day for me. But I was hoping for sun. I mean they do get sun in New Hampshire right? I can only hope! I threw the covers off of me and sat on the edge of my large bed. I sighed. School. New school. And Jacob was going to be a Jouinor, since he was much taller then me. I hated being short for this reason. I laughed at myself. I hopped off my bed and walked across the room to my closet. I didnt want to over do it on my first day so I put on a pair of distressed skinnys. And my favorite shirt, it was a black and white silk shirt, that hung on one shouldar and the other side fell to the side, down my arm a little. I dung through my suitcases til I found my black boots.


  On the way out of my room I picked my old messenger bag off the floor and left to go eat. One problem was, I had no idea where the kitchen was! I smelt eggs, so I just followed the smell. I walked down the grand staircase, then left. There was a dinning from. Off of the dinning room was what looked like a sitting room. I walked through the dinng room and found the kitchen.


 "Morning, Mom!" I said. Jacob was sitting at the breakfast bar, I sat down next to him. "Morning," I said. He smiled.


"Hurry and eat. You can take my car to school." Mom offered. What a great way to start school! Showing up in a $200,000 dollar car. Yeah, people wont think I'm a stuck-up rich kid! Well, I am. I guess.


"Renesmee, people wont think that." Dad said from the other room. I sighed. I ate quick and put my plate in the sink. I looked at Jake. "Ready?" I asked. He nodded.


We went out to the entrance and outside. It was still wet and rainy. So I slipped my coat on. My white trench coat fit in with the town hopfully. It only took us a few minutes to drive to the school, so we were early.


"Are you ok?" Jacob asked me.

I was looking out the window at the massive school. "Yeah, I'm fine."

"I can change my schlude. You know jouinors and sofmores share classes?"

"No, its fine. Really. I'll see you at lunch." I said. I grabbed my bag and got out of the car. People looked at me as I got out. Mouth wide opened. Oh, god.


I kept my head down, and hurried into the building. My first class was just down the hall. I stopped at my locker and put my coat in it, I took my phone out and set on the top shelf. I closed my locker and headed to my homeroom. Its ok, I thought, there not looking at you. What was I thinking! Of course they are.


I'm the new pale, bronze-curled hair, rides in a Farrieh, rich girl. Whats not to look at? I wasnt late to class at least. I handed the teacher my pass. He looked at it then handed it back.


"Okay, everyone! Take a seat!" the teacher ordered. Once everyone was sitting he wrote his name on the board. Mr. Labart. "Everyone, we have a new student. Miss Renesmee Cullen." he pointed to me.


I put my elbow on the desk and half rasied my arm, and wiggled my hand. Mr. Labart starting talking about an assembly when were going to have today, then the bell rang. I picked my bag up and headed to the door. My first period was upstairs. As I was going up the steps, I heard my name. I turned to see a brown-haired, tall masuline guy.


"It is Renesmee, right?" he asked.

I smiled. "Yes, it is. But people call me Nessie more then Renesmee."

"Okay, Nessie it is. My name's Darin." he held his hand out. I shook his hand. He was human."Wheres your next class?"

"Upstairs. I have science." I told him.

"Me too. I'll show you the way."he smiled at me. His teeth were like pearls.

So I fired back with my dazzling, perfect smile.


"So where did you move from?" he asked me.

"Forks, Washington." I told him.

"Never heard of Forks."

"Its a very small town. Not many people even know its there."

"Well, thats pretty cool. A remote little town."

"Pretty much."

He laughed at me. "Where do you live?"

"Ummm, my house isnt techincally in a neighborhood at all."

"Ah, I see. Thats still pretty cool."

"Yeah. Lots of privacy."

"What  do your parents do?"


Umm, I dont know! College? No, I cant say that. He'll think my parents are bad people. Oh think Renesmee!!


"They work at Dartmouth. Professorers." I said.

"Sweet. Here's science. Mrs. Daya is really nice." he told me, "You can sit with me if you want to."


I smiled, "Thanks."


Inside the class room I handed Mrs. Daya  my pass and sat with Darin. Science was slow. But the rest of the day was pretty fast. I couldnt believe it was lunch already. Darin suggeseted I sit with him. But I let him down easy, by simply saying I had plays to eat with a friend. He looked awfully confused but said, "Maybe tomorrow."


I saw Jacob sitting with a lot of people. They looked like the popular crowd. Nice Jake, real nice. I smiled. I walked over to the table. "Nessie!" Jacob say.

"Hey, Jake." I said.


He took my tray and set it down on the table. We sat down, everyone was looking at me. Like I was something that was either horribly ugly or amazingly gorgeous. I liked the second one more. After lunch, I had two more classed then home! Those classes were boring and I knew most of the stuff.


I went to my locker at the end of the day and grabbed my coat. I saw Darin walking towards me, I smiled and waved.


"Nessie, I wanted to ask you something. I'm having a party this weekend and I wanted yout to come." he explained.


"Sounds fun!" I said. I pulled out my coat and put it on.

"So you'll come?!"

"Sure, why not."

"Cool, I'll text you later. Bye,"



I meet Jacob at the car. He looked like he was in a good mood. We drove home in silence. No one was home so I just went to my room and started homework. After I finished my homework, I fell asleep.



Sorry the ending is a little weird. I didnt know how to end it without it being weird. Hahaha! Tell me what you think!!!



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Comment by Mallory Alexis Lundy on June 14, 2011 at 2:18pm
this is great
Comment by Katie Williams on April 23, 2011 at 4:48pm
this is gr8
Comment by Katie Williams on April 23, 2011 at 4:48pm
this is great
Comment by Jordan Clement on April 22, 2011 at 7:36pm
Shes suppose to look sixteen or fifteen, because of her rapid aging when she was younger. But shes actually like ten. she acts older though.
Comment by Braylin Madison on March 7, 2011 at 7:48pm

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