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Granpa packed my bags and threw them into his police car. I tried to run, but he picked me up and I couldn't fight. I hated being small. Thirty minutes later, we pulled up at the cold gates of the Forks Orphanage. "I hope you realize that what I'm doing is right." Granpa whispered to me. I shuddered as I walked in my brand new room. Granpa waved goodbye to me, and I ran away from him. "Goodbye, Nessie!" He called out. I slowly walked back. I looked into his eyes and whispered, "My name is Renesmee, and I hate you!" The orphanage made me feel uncomfortable. I had no friends, no family, and no life. On day three, a woman dressed in black came to visit me. She had on a viel that covered up her face, and I was afraid. "I'm your new mommy, Renesmee!" I was about to bite her, but she grabbed me and dragged me into her strange purple car. "Say goodbye to the Orphanage!" The woman smiled. I folded my amrs. "Hello mother." The woman took off her viel and I immediatley recognized the sweet and caring face. "Leah Clearwater?" I whispered. "Renesmee Cullen?" She whispered back. I jumped up and gave her the most warm and joyful hug anybody could ask for. Leah's eyes glittered and strapped me in the car. "I'm taking you to Jacob Black. Then, in two days, you're coming home to your REAL parents. Your Granpa does not know about this. Your Mommy will then take you to a safe place to stay for a while. This is goodbye for a long time." I put my hands to her face and I felt her gasp when I said, "Come with us!" Leah bent her head and choked out, "I wish I could." We pulled up to Jacob's house and for the next two days I was basically trapped in a closet, whenever Charlie came over I had to stay silent. "Jacob, am I saying goodbye to you also?" I asked one night at dinner. Jacob sadly nodded his head and muttered, "This is it Nessie." I reached up high and put my hands to his face. With tears streaming down my face I softly said, "Jacob Balck, I love you!" He hugged me back, careful not to hurt me. My heart began to hurt and my mind began going blank and before I knew it Daddy had come to pick me up. "Look, Jake, I know we're not very good friends, but I want to thank you and Leah for what you did." Jacob nodded his head. Daddy voice calmed me and I reached my hands up, "Up!" I said. Daddy pulled me up and him and Mommy drove me to Alaska. That was my new home. However, Mommy and Daddy hadn't forgotten about their baby bird and they had rescued me. But, the pain from losing Jacob was so penetrating that I was too out-of-it to recognize who and where I was at the moment.

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Comment by Shaymeon Cullen-Belikova on December 8, 2009 at 8:10pm
its great..kinda strange.. but still GREATT!!
Comment by Renesmee Cullen on August 6, 2009 at 6:08pm
thanks? Lol!!!!!
Comment by Kristen on July 31, 2009 at 10:42am
I like this. A little strange, but good.

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