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Road to Recovery starts with one step

Wow...How everything can change in a moment of time. I would not have believed the transformation I have gone through in two short weeks.
Buying and reading the books was just the first step in my mind alternating journey.
Bought dvd ...check
Bought blue ray...check
Bought sound track..check
Bought US "the sexy stars of Twilight" poster magazine...check
watched son shake his head as I put up a wall of sexy vampire pics...check and check
Logged on You tube watched thousands of interviews..check
watched trailers, fan trailers, music video's ..check ome check

Totally saturated myself into the Twilight universe and what was the result?

I like it. It's like a long lost friend. Hello, TS where have you been? I've missed you like a long lost friend from my youth where it come to find a romance or two that didn't fall into a Harlequin formula.

I've reigned in hormonal overkill and have allowed myself to enjoy the experience. Don't misunderstand me, I like the feeling.It's just that.. I'm starting to get a nagging feeling that in my obsession I've linked into a global mind.

OME OMJ OMB.. Are these really just my thoughts? Or have I fallen into a slipstream of preteen angst? It feels like it's a living force created by so many like minds joining in our shared need for dare I say, old fashion romance? Albeit with a supernatural twist. I'm not forced into the slipstream or global consciousness I gladly enter into it's waves. It's feels natural like floating in the water on a hot summer day.

Is it so incredible that this all started from a dream?

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