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Ok, first thing, WHAT!?!?!?
How many of you here knew about this and didn't tell me?!?!?!? Did you hyperventilate too??? Cause I was just at Kroger with my friend and we saw a magazine with the title in big bold letters: Rob and Kristen; ENGAGED???
I'm so happy! It's like Breaking Dawn all over again!!! What if they have a daughter named Renesmee? OMG i'm still in shock!!! I cant believe it, i ... am ... so ... going ... to ... DIE!!! I dont even know what to say; my friend told me to type with my heart and i have no idea what she means, but i will try.
I kind of expected it, because she moved in with him, but seriously!!! So early! Robs like 23 and Kristens like 19, thats 4 years apart!!!
Ok well, i have to go ask my mom to schedule an appointment at the doctor because im in shock and i have Twilightitis.

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Comment by ♥Isabella Kay♥ on September 6, 2009 at 2:48pm
Ok, they said is wasn't nessarrily truse. They are dating though but the producers says it will ruin there love trangile on screen so thaat is also whythey aren't engadged....yet! lol
Comment by corky530 on September 6, 2009 at 10:52am
ok i saw it on the cover of ok mag...but DUH!!!! its a total lie!!!! not that i care,,,,its kind of obvious its a lie! i mean there NOT gonna get married....thats just plain crazy!

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