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I was reading a magazine last night and i found this:
(sorry for the approximative translation from french)
QUOTE: The twilight heroes can't live separeted a both side of us.The passionate love between EDWARD AND BELLA have been caught by reality.ROB PATTINSON 23, KRISTEN STEWART 19, are in love.
He's now in N-Y for filming "REMEMBER ME", an independant film(with EMILY"LOST"DE RAVIN) more dark than twilight.As for KRISTEN, she's stuck in L-A with DAKOTA FANNING on the set of "THE RUNAWAYS", the biopic on JOAN JETT. The separation is unbearable for both of them."Their relationship is not a secret anymore since a few days. It is reported by a source nearby the couple from the set of "NEW MOON". "They are very attached to each over and something special is going on between them".
However, an intruder is distressins(?) their dawning love:
KRISTEN is still involved with her boyfriend since four years: MICKAËL ANGARANO, the pretty dark-haired woman is in the middle of a love triangle. But ROB suffering om this situation. Him, who's so romantic can't be share his beloved with anyone else. He give her an ultimatum(at conditional). She must choose between him and MICKAËL before the end of AUGUST, when the filming of "ECLIPSE" will begin. From now on, he has left her only a month for think and make a decision.
When ROB love's somebody, he must to inform who is about.The same source has told:"He send constantly sms and calling her continuously for to inquire about her. The vampire has the actress under his skin . He's addicted to her and mutually.
Even, the new BFF'S KRISTEN:DAKOTA FANNING, met on the set of NEW MOON doesn't have doubts about their love story: early JUNE, the friends were going to a concert in L-A . The fifteen- fair haired has even advised her(at conditional):"KRISTEN has confided in DAKOTA, she was teared apart(?) between ROB AND MICKAËL, explain a witness.
In spite of the fact that MICKAËL be very gentle with her, she does part of team robert."She's love's his sense of humour, the three actors were spended a lot of time to chat and listen some music between takes of NEW MOON.
According to miss FANNING, her friend,"she's needs a guy who make's her laughing because she takes things too seriously.As for MICKAËL, he is too reserved and he is the opposit of ROB.HIS RIVAL.
MICKAËL doesn't know what to do for reconquer KRISTEN'S HEART . He knows, when she will start filming "ECLIPSE",that's will be too late. He knows too that is useless to forbid to KRISTEN to stay in contact with PATTINSON. He does prefer give her all his love and affection with gifts.He has even written a song for her.
According to a ROBERT'S FRIEND: the actor is honest with his co-star: "he's mature when he want going out with a girl for one night , he is clear with his intention."His heart beaten for KRISTEN, there is a alchemy between them."They are many things in common: music,comédy,reading."he's a fair guy ! he doesn't play with girls".
"On the other hand, she plays with guys and he will not wait for her. In a word: ROB is good but not to wait for something that will not happenen.His love destiny's is between KRISTEN's hands. SHE MUST CHOOSE!!

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