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Robert Pattison as you all know is the co-str of Kristen stewart...But thats just like lame boring but dont u notice there is chemistry between them...and the only reason rob did the movie because of Kristen.We all know he did it because he is a good and loyal friend to kristen.But since i saw them even in off screens their like more than friends..but of course kristen denys and she always says ''were just good buddys'' ad ofcouse shes doing it for the good of her ralationship with her bf.But fortuantley rob cant hide his true feelings and sometimes the paparazzi notices even us the twilight fans he sometimes is trying to hard to impress kristen.comment back

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Comment by TwilightCrazyFan on March 20, 2009 at 7:15am
I reckon that they are 'just good buddys' actually..
The paparazzi will write anything to get money out of it and sometimes things are not as they seem..
Maybe I'm wrong, but I just think it's all gossip..
He did the movie because of Kristen's track record of having made really good film choices from what i got told in a magazine also..
Don't know, but what ever happens is between them anyways...

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