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My role model is Ashley Greene. She is so pretty, talented, and cares. She knows she is not perfect beacuse no one is, and she doesn't want to be. In magazines with intervies from her if the magazine asks her a question like this: (They were talking about a girl Kellan Lutz got advice from his co-worker females) " Who was the girl?" Ashley replied, "I can't say!" Ashley Greene is my role model.

Who is your role model?

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Katie Resch Comment by Katie Resch on September 23, 2010 at 3:42pm
My role model is Bella I could say. I dont really look up to her but I do wish that I could be like her. She is so free and caring and I just love her character. It might sound stupid because she is a fictional character but I truly do love her. I guess the right word would be aspire. I aspire to be Bella. Even before I knew anything about Bella I was like her. I have never been into style or glamor. I am totally average. I even look like her. (And yes I am a girl dispit my name) I am clumsy to but that really doesn't make sense because I play soccer. The only thing I disagree with Bella on is Renesmee. I really dont care for her. I know I know she is a big part of the books and stuff and I'm not saying she isn't I really do think she is cute and stuff. But I dont like how Bella reacts to Renesmee. I mean this might sound stupid and dumb but I wish when she found out she was pregnant she was appalled by the thing. Like how Juno is in Juno (really were comparison sorry) I dont really like Bella's bond with Renesmee. I mean Bella never was very mothering. And now she is in love with her baby. I know I know "you dont know the bond of a mother and her child until you are one blah blah blah". But I think that it takes away from Bella and Edward's relationship. It used to be so romantic and amazing but now they have to factor in Renesmee. (I dont think they can make love with there 15 year old daughter in the next room with out her noticing) I think Bella's one flaw is her mothering side and that is just my opinion. Yes I still do love Bella and that is why she is my role model.

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