The Twilight Saga

-If you had told me what i know now,
I would not have even tried.
Would not have even cried.
Would not have been torn apart inside.

-I never thought it would be possible
To hurt so much
But you taught me something new
Just like you promised

-How could you be so blind as to not see
How much i hurt
How many tears were shed

-Never again will you be able to hurt me
Or make me bleed like you already have
Because i will live no more

-Your harsh bitter cold words
Ringing in my ears
"You got what you deserved.
I got what i wanted.
Now we are both happy"

-You wanted me to end it all
So swiftly
It could all be over
So quickly
Taken with the blade of a knife

-To end it is no more
Than what i have ever wanted

-Final cut
Final scream
Final breath
Now you got what you wanted


-Tessa thinks
... ... ...
Amber is
... ... ...
Who knows
Tessa is pretty mucked up


-I should have been quicker
I should have known better
I should have known
That one day
The ravens would swoop down
Peck at your limp body mercilessly
Tearing you away from me

-Your lips
Your hands
Your body
Forever for me to hold
Forever for me to own

-Why do you force me to play wour sick games
Join in with your life
End it together
The game is over

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Comment by Renesmmee Carlie Cullen Black on May 23, 2010 at 7:50pm
this is a wonderful

i love it

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