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"Do we have everything?" Asked Sophia as she made her way back from the river.

"Yes I think we do. I think we may be able to pass for citizens but I doubt anyone can call us civil."

"I wouldn't care either way."

"I know you wouldn't but it may help to get information. People are more willing when you are presentable."

"The way of modern citizens is mind blowing to me."

"You were one not too long ago."

"As were you. But even then I didn't care very much, I was always on the edge if the social class system."

"Mother always made us descent so this will but new to me."

"Then I will guide you. Either way I doubt mother will care."

"Why did you never get the information about your mother from Samuel?"

"He would never tell me. But it is not like I wonder about her, she left me and for the past decade she has rarely occurred in my thoughts. But even when she was they were not pleasant thoughts."

"If this is to much I could go alone..."

"We have already discussed this, I am going with you and that is final."

Sighing heavily John replied "You are setting yourself up for a hard road."

"I dont care, I am not letting you go and risk your life while I stand on the sidelines worried and weak. I can help." Not wanting to argue anymore Sophia planted a small and light kiss on the top of Johns lips. It hushed him very fast and when it was over they picked up their things and made their way into the town that sat not far from the forest. 

Having this be the first time in weeks since they have seen a town, or people for that matter they stood in awe until a light push on Sophias back pulled them out of their thoughts. Turning around Sophia saw a older but still beautiful women. She looked as if she could be in her mid fifty's and had her dark brown hair pulled back into a tight bun that pulled against her skull. Although there was not a wrinkle in her expensive dress she smoothed it out before she continued talking. 

"Who are you?" Asked the women in a strange voice.

Trying to play along with the poor love birds Sophia answered, "We have just found our way into this part of town and were hoping to find a women we may know."

A small but fake smile pulled up at the sides of her lips and she glared at them with dark blue eyes. "Well Miss there are lots of people in this town so you may have to be more specific."

"We are looking for a women named," taking a slight gulp before she began again she felt the name of her mother burning on her lips, "Stella Horis."

Smirking slightly the women answered, "Stella Horis, now thats a name I have not heard in a while."

"You know of her?"

"Very well. But she has removed herself from the publics eye ever since her son left Samuel be his name. Its a shame about what happened to her."

"What had happened?" Asked Sophia playing dumb.

"Garrett left her. Got her pregnant with Sam along the way. Poor thing, locking herself in her house you can sometimes hear her cry out his name in her sleep. It is obvious she has never gotten over him although she has not seen him in years."

Sophia dug her nails deeper into Johns hand. She missed a man that ran off without her but when she had done it to her father it had never lingered with her. Now she resented her mother even more. Before Sophia said something she should not John answered for her.

"Do you know where to find her? We have some err, unfinished business with her."

"She lives on the west side of town. A hut so small it could be considered a chicken coop cant miss it. Just keep walking the way you were and you will be sure to find it. But it is getting dark already. If you wish I would be more than happy to give you a hot meal and a warm bed, no charge."

"That is very kind of you. It has been a while since we have slept on a bed and it would be nice to rest up before we continue," said John.

"Well then follow me and I will get you some food."




 Again sorry sorry sorry! I kinda went off track but I want to try something new. Let me know what you think. As always comment reply predict...

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