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Sales Clerk doesn't even know Kristen Stewart!!? how could that be???

For once this year Kristen Stewart has not been noticed. Pictures surfaced last week showing Kristen and her co-star Nikki Reed out shopping. One girl was fortunate enough to not only see Kristen, but sell her some shoes. Here is the KStew encounter;

"my friend works at a store called SPANK and she facebooked me this yesterday…

tonight I was working alone, and I got a little rush… I rang through a group of friends then after they left the next people I was helping were like “that was kristen stewart by the way….” me not keeping up on the celerbrity scoop… had no clue- then she told me she was the girl from twilight… anways thought i should tell you I sold her 2 pairs of shoes… looking back on it now i think she was prob offended that I didnt know who she was as I was not all over her asking if she needed help (she came up to me to ask to get sizes) and then when she paied with 2 100bills i checked them both quite obviously thinking they could have been fakes…. anyways she has a size 7.5 foot and now owns some orange and yellow suprega sneakers-

just in case you’re curious…"

[i Just saw this in this site:]

(hahaha..the sales clerk was so FUNNY!! how could she not know that the girl who's asking for sizes was Kristen Stewart! LoL :D if the Sales Clerk was a TwiSaga fan she will probably ask for a piture or even an autograph! haha)

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Comment by PauTwiSagaFREAK on September 22, 2009 at 1:45am
LoL :D
Comment by Renesme Carlie Cullen on September 20, 2009 at 5:21am

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