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Sammi, You're Mine Chapter 8. Timothy

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Chapter 8. Timothy

*I changed my mind, the chapters will be in Sammi's POV until Jumba can do something about her "sickness" xP*

I suppose this really was a dream, because there was no way it could ever be real.

I heard Might Be A Pimp by Stephen Barnes playing somewhere ahead of me. All I could see was trees, though. So I walked and investigated. All I heard was the music, nothing else could be seen or heard. The song eventually ended and All I Want Is You by Barry Louis Polisar started playing.

I kept going, and I felt like I was right on top of where the music should have been playing. But I didn't see a single person, radio, or anything.

Was… this all in my head?

I turned around and walking to where I thought I had entered. I hadn't walked that far, it should have been just a few steps ahead.

But it wasn't.

All there was was forest. I didn't turn not once, all I did was go straight ahead, so how did I end up lost?

I checked my pockets for my phone, or anything I could use to get in contact with someone who could help me.

I couldn't find anything, so I had to resolve to using my own voice.

I opened my mouth and felt like screaming at the top of my lungs, but no sound came out. It was like my tongue was frozen.

I was just stranded here and there was no way I could get out.

So I started walking again. I walked straight forward, just as I was, to see if I could find where I had entered. What felt like hours had passed and I had no luck.

Tears were making themselves visible on my cheeks. I dropped to my knees, letting it be known that I had given up.

What was I doing? I never give up on anything. I could do it, I wanted to. I wanted to get up and run until I found my way out. But my legs wouldn't let me get up again.

I found my voice. "Okay. You won. I give up." I sniffed.

I heard footsteps coming towards me. Oh finally..

I looked up and there was. Oh no. Oh please let me wake up!

I stood up and backed away from Timothy. "This is all a dream." I mumbled to myself. "This isn't real. There isn't a dead kid walking towards me right now. I'm going to wake up and he will be gone."

I pinched myself several times, followed by me opening my eyes and still seeing Timothy walking towards me as I backed away.

I tripped over a branch and fell backwards. Oh great, now I've done it..

He stood over me and smiled. But when he was alive his smile was always warm and welcoming, now it was full of cruel feelings towards me for what I had done.

"Hello, Samantha." He said. He reached for my hand, expecting me to take it. I didn't.

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