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Reading the Twilight saga helped me get out of a deep depression(Tks Stephenie), has helped one of you in some way?

Well, now I tell you why I was so depress, I separated from my husband last August, it was very difficult for me because we already had 8 years together, but the hardest part was realizing that he was Cheating on me and harder when he said that he dosen't love me anymore, I felt so alone that I consider of making stupid thigs, you can imagine what kind of stupid thigs, and the only thing that stopped me to think about that was my two children, but I still thought again and again to do that, one day I went to the movies with a couple of friends and saw the trailer of the movie twilight, as I have been all my life corny and I love corny stories and the stories of vampires I was interested, so I download the trailer to my ipod and I saw it, I realized that it was based on a book, I find the book and there began my salvation, I saw the good reviews and that day came to buy the books, like Brenda I was reading until 5 AM, I can say that it is the most beautiful love story I have read and exactly as MrsCullen2007 thought that there are men who can really love and respect with the same capacity with which Edward loves Bella.
And as you do it I Thank infinitely Stephenie, because without Twilight I wouldn't have found the comfort that you really think that someone is there waiting for you with all his love and affection, Thanks because of you my stupid thoughts and pain all gone, the bitternes when someone tells you in the most cruel and cold way that no longer loves you and does not care about you is gone too.
Now I'm better and I owe it to Stephenie, Edward and Bella.

Sorry for my grammar and tks for the replays.
Love you...

Bueno, ahora les cuento el por que de mi depresión, me separe de mi esposo en Agosto pasado, para mi fue muy dificil por que ya teniamos 8 años juntos, pero fue más dificil el darme cuenta de que me era infiel y más dificil fue cuando me dijo que ya no me amaba, me senti tan sola que varias veces pense en hacer algo estupido y lo unico que me detenia era el pensar en mis dos hijos, pero de todas formas pensaba una y otra vez que tal ves lo mejor era hacer eso que pensaba, un día que fui al cine con un par de amigas vi los avances de la pelicula de crepusculo, como toda mi vida he sido cursi y adoro las historias de amor y también las historias de vampiros se me hizo interesante, así que baje el trailer a mi ipod y lo vi detenidamente, me di cuenta que era basada en un libro, busque el libro y ahí comenzo mi salvación, vi las buenas criticas y ese día sali a comprar los libros, al igual que Brenda me quedaba leyendo hasta las 5 AM, puedo decir que es la historia de amor más hermosa que he leido y esactamente pense como MrsCullen2007 que hay hombres que en verdad pueden amar y respetar con la misma capacidad con la que Edward ama a Bella.
Y al igual que ustedes le agradesco infinitamente a Stephenie por su historia, por que sin ella no hubiera encontrado el confort que te da el pensar que realmente hay alguien ahí esperando por ti con todo su amor y cariño, gracias por que mis ideas estupidas se fueron junto con el dolor y el resentimiento que te deja el que alguien te diga de la manera más fria y cruel que ya no te ama y no le importa destrozarte el alma, ahora ya estoy mejor y eso se lo debo a Stephenie, Edward y a Bella.

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Comment by Clan Cullen on February 10, 2009 at 4:54pm
I'm sure my husband would agree that I've been in far better matrimonial spirits since starting to read the saga. I can't explain how or why exactly- but I think that S.M. writes so articulately, heartfelt, real and honest that the feelings of love, loss and yearning reopened my eyes to open communication, romance and love (here writes a previously jaded wife). I can't wait to re read them all over again!
Comment by Erin#1 on February 10, 2009 at 4:41pm
I also was saved by the twilight mother also passed away and my daughter who is 21 gave me twilight to read on the seven hour plane ride across the pond to attend her funeral,of course i was far too disracted to read it,but when i came home two weeks later she called and asked if i had read it yet, i was very very depressed and missed my mom so i was in no mood to read a book. i remember my daughter telling me "trust me you will love it and you wont be able to put it down,so that night i sat up until three am reading it she was right i was addicted from that moment on i read it in three days and rushed out to by the rest,it truly has helped me so much,it has been therapy for me.i even saw the movie three times. so i would like to say thankyou to my beautiful daughter and stephenie you guys have saved my life.
Comment by Nia on February 10, 2009 at 3:38pm
I love the books and think that Stephenie Meyer is such an inspirational person. She's a great idol for people out there like me. My school grades were dropping and I felt that I wasn't gonna get anywhere in my life. I read Twilight and became addicted. Although I don't think reading it has been anything like what it has been for others like yourself, I feel inspired to read and am concentrating really hard on becoming good in Literature. And I agree with MrsCullen2207; I'm still in school and have never been in a relationship, but I believe that Stephenie has demonstrated the kind of behaviour that is right for a guy - just don't expect a gorgeous vampire to turn up on your doorstep and take you to Isle Esme!!!!
Comment by MrsCullen2207 on February 10, 2009 at 2:42pm
That is absolutly amazing! The way that she has changed me is a little different....I have a 19 mo old baby named Mylee and her father is a jerk. We were together for 3 years before I decided it was time to be done. I'm talkin no job, cheated on me alot, made me feel like I was worthless and I noticed my self esteem just dropping. So I started reading something I hadn't done since highschool. These books helped me see that there are guys out there (even though he isn't real) that can treat you good and do respect you. This is how a guy is supposed to treat you, and make you feel. If I did not read these books and forget about my ex by reading about these amazing men in these books idk where I would be with him today! I'm just really happy I got introduced!
Comment by Brenda on February 10, 2009 at 1:48pm
I can relate to that. I feel like I've changed a lot! My family has noticed these changes in me too. I don't want the feeling to end. Maybe that's why I haven't been able to put down any of these books yet. Like I said in my profile, I'm in fourth reading of each book. I've finished up on 'Eclipse' just this morning (5:30 am). You see, the first book I bought was 'Eclipse' about a year and half ago. I was going through a rough time - My mother was gravely ill and she passed on in May 2008. Since then I was so depressed. I finally decided to try to start living again and began with catching up on some reading. Anyway, I searched my house for this this book a couple of months ago and started reading. I was completely blown away. Not long after that I found out that there was a movie out about this! I couldn't believe it. I had to buy the rest of the books! You probably have an idea of how much Stephanie's novels have made me happy these past few weeks so much that I cry at the end of each book. Just like this morning at 5:30 am - I finished up on 'Eclipse'. I wish I could meet Stephanie and thank her 'in person'. I love her.

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