The Twilight Saga

Chapter 2
I had lain in my bed at the orphanage for hours last night without any sleep. I tried to think of whom that man was that had attacked Thomas. He was at least 5’ 10’’. “Oh for heaven’s sake,” I thought to myself. It was him. He had attacked Emily and now he was going after her friends. I kept thinking, I had done a lot of that, thinking, it was such a small word for the things I was doing. I was deciding between life and death of my friends. That seemed like a more appropriate way to say it.
When the man with the British accent had come to the school asking for Tom he must have been planning this the whole time. Eventually he must have found a way to get him out of school. That note most likely was the reason. Tom had to go once a note was sent to him. The man waited for him, and once Tom was near the alley, he attacked.
That alley! What was wrong with it! The man had now attacked two people in the same place. I needed proof for him to be arrested. I was a witness now, so that was a start I guess.
Before school I grabbed the orphanage’s home phone and dialed 911. Now I had an appointment afterschool to discuss what I saw in the alley.
School passed in a blur and before I knew it I was walking into the police station. Everything was an eerie quiet. The police station was a freak-clean place. No out of pile papers, coffee stains, or random donuts lying around. A woman walked out from a small backroom and greeted me. “You are being questioned in the fourth room to the left,” she told me. I scurried warily down the hallway and into the room. Inside was dark with one spotlight facing a chair. I sat down and the process began.
“How tall was he, what color hair, body type?” Questions were being thrown at me left and right. “He was 5’ 10’’ with dark hair and a mustache. He had light blue eyes and a light British accent,” I answered. The two policemen conversed with each other then came back to face me. “His name is Ethan Wyler. He’s wanted in several states. We have been trying to catch him for a long time.” As they started to walk away I remembered Emily. “Wait!” I yelped at them. They turned back to me and gave me a puzzled expression. “The girl, Emily I think. That one that got killed a couple days ago. I think Ethan killed her. Actually I know he killed her!” They just stared at me again. I couldn’t take it, no one would believe me. Before I accused Ethan Wyler of killing me I needed proof, and I will find it.
I left the police station before they could comment on my sudden outburst. I proceeded down the street to the alley and stood there staring at it. I knew that detectives had scoured the area for all the clues they could find, but they hadn’t witnessed the attack first hand. I had the advantage.
I lay down in the dumpster and tried to bring back all the memories of the attack.
Screaming, running, tripping. The three things that lead to my death. I had fallen into this exact alley and laid there sprawled out on the concrete.
I tried to remember details of what happened. The man had come stumbling into the alley with steel toed boots. Then it hit me. He was stumbling. He might have been under the influence of alcohol. I jumped off the dumpster and opened it up. Inside were milk cartons and leftovers along with paper sacks and ripped up bills. Then I saw it. A beer bottle with the label half ripped off. I carefully grasped the bottle and put it in my bag trying not to leave any fingerprints. That was one clue, but the police wouldn’t be able to catch him for just throwing away a beer bottle. I needed more evidence and I will find it.
Sadly I couldn’t remember anything else from that dreaded night. I went back to, home I guess I could call it. The orphanage didn’t seem like home though. I walked up the creaking steps up to the attic and my room. When I walked in I got a good look at things for the first time. Everything looked old, like antiques. My bed was made of metal bars wounded to make spirals and decorations. The bedspread was a quilt, definitely handmade. I had a vanity that was old, white, chipped, and beautiful. Against the wall was a large window with a small sitting place in front of it. On the windowsill were hand sewn pillows that looked magnificent. I had never realized how wonderful my room looked until now. As Emily I had taken advantage of things because I had them all. Being Avery I know looked at things in a better view. I appreciated everyone for who they were.
I was exhausted so I quickly undressed and put on my pajamas. I had homework to do but ignored it. I already knew the answers being as smart as Avery was. I could do the work in a third of the time it would have taken me before.
I sat there in my bed thinking of everything I could. I needed more evidence and I couldn’t remember how to find it. Thinking of evidence I walked over to my bag and placed the bottle carefully on my desk out of sight so that if the maid came in she would be suspicious of me.
The room turned blurry as it faded away to darkness as I fell asleep. My dreams were horrible though. The scene of my death played back in my head many times making me wake up sweating and my heart beating rapidly. But the one good thing to come out of my nightmares was that I knew exactly where my next clue lay. It was an obvious one that would put me one step towards getting Ethan Wyler caught.

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Comment by Lataveonia Brown on April 30, 2009 at 6:28pm
good chapter
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yei!!!hahaha lol

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