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Hey all,

Well, here I am at the CBC computer lab is more specific. I got out of class early so I'm just hanging out...doing nothing really. Just updated my twitter. Follow me at if you want to. So, seeing as it's a computer lab, you'd think it'd be kinda hot cuz of all the computers going on at the same time in this small room but no it's actually freezing in here!! I look up and see that the air vent is right above me so, go figure. LOL It's cold outside and I went in here to get warm but it was in vain, obviously.

So, Eng231 was sooo boring today. When is it never?? I mean, it's ancient world literature so what we read is stuff as early as the Bible and anything before Shakespeare. How depressing! I thought we studied Shakespeare in 231 but I found out recently they study Shakespeare in Eng232. Bummer =/ Well, that's okay, I can always take it next semester. Pyscho 101 (Psychology 101. I call it Psycho 101)(lol) was pretty boring today too. We talked about stereotypes and guess what stereotype I came up with? Asians are smart. ahahhaa of course it's not true. No way am I a genius...not even close! But hey, it's nice to hide behind that stereotype sometimes. lol

So as I look at the clock and see the time, I realize my ride's going to be here any minute so I'd better sign off. See you laterz.

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