The Twilight Saga

secrets of a emo teenager. Chapter 1: First day

               As the winds blew of the col winter night a new family was moving in. my name is hannah i have brown hair and big eyes and no friends. i dont fit in anywere till today.

               mom wake up there is a new family next door i guess they moved in when we were sleeeping . i know hannah they have a girl your age. you should be her friend. i dont know mom.. ill think about it

               hannah tonight were all going over to see them so u have no choice but to talk too her. mom fine ill be her friend so shut the hell up about it. ill see you u after school mom.

               as night came fast the moon came out and i hurd a weird noise coming from outside it sounds like an animal dieing i have never hurd this sound befor. come on hannah its time to go. "ding dong" yes hellow who are you?

               i live next door i wonted to welcom u.

                o hellow thank u for being so nice but plz leave

               hey im not leaveing till u let me in and eat this pie

                 fine come in come in


                                                                  1 HOUR LATER

    hellow im hannah and u are?moonlight and why are u talking to me? i wont to be your friend NO!!!

        ha ha ha as she bit the flesh off hannahs kneck hannah is changeing into a vampire just like moonlight. yes for everone who really read this u guessed right moonlight is a emo vampire i bet u would of nv guessed that did u? i made is chapter so boring sp you would be bord like i am every day. i dont wright storys i wright poems and give tips and advise.. or is what i just said anather lie? you will never know.. this story really comes with a meaning if u guess it inbox me ur answer of what u think the meaning is and if u guess it right i will tell u somethng about me that no one knows. so goodbye








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