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Okay, so I have this friend. Let's call her K. K is short, a little under five feet and a fifteen year old sophomore in high school. We've known each other for years. But only became really good friends in the past two years. You see her dad works with mine and they are good friends. I know her family and she knows mine. But she is very vain and selfish.
Last year she was diagnosed with the hereditary disease, I forget what it's called. Anyway. It limits what she can and can't eat. It gives her bad diarrhea. I felt bad for her. Despite her faults I still care about her.
But once she got back to school she used her disease as an excuse to cry about everything and get a lot of attention. Before she was a drama queen. But now she's worse! It's irritating the crap outta me. I need some advice. Yes she's had to take some medicine that makes her hair fall out. But her hair didn't fall out it only thinned up. She's still pretty. But she cries over everything. Her boyfriend, this ugly seriously short senior with trip pants on all the time broke up with her and I let her cry on my shoulder. I mean seriously. They barely dated. Her parents hated him. He was a freaking player. ( p.s. when by boyfriend broke up with me I cried alone in the sanctuary of my room. I didn't bring others into it)
She acts like a diva, drama queen, and princess. She always gets what she wants. She brings out the protective side in people because she is so little. So if there is someone she doesn't like people tend to take her side. Or the people who take the other person's side know who she really is. She's fifteen! the girl shouldn't be acting like such a little kid. In the real world people are going to eat her alive.
No one's going to protect her there. She can't bat her eyelashes and pucker her lips and "poof" all her expenses are paid. But that's exactly how she acts. I want to protect her against people who I know are bad for her but one of these days K has got to stick up for herself.
Oh and my friend Z is having a birthday party and invited me. When she asked me not to tell K because she didn't want her to come I knew exactly why. That's what brought this whole K rant on. Because when my dad happened to mention to K that I was having a party I HAD to invite her because it would look bad if I hadn't. So I knew what Z meant when she asked me not to mention her party to K. What do I do about this girl. She's driving me insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Comment by Susie Q on December 12, 2009 at 1:35am
Being diagnosed with what sounds like a fairly serious disease would be a very emotional experience for anyone. Add all of the pressures and drama of high school and first relationships and you may as well quadruple those emotions.
While it would be cruel to completely ditch her, I can understand your frustration. If this girl is used to being treated like a princess when she cries to have her way, she may think that's the best way to get attention and may not realize how other people really perceive her behind her back.
Maybe this girl just needs some tough love -- someone who can point out her better qualities and why she can be a good friend while at the same time being able to point out to her when she is acting like a little kid so that she knows why certain people avoid inviting her to parties. Criticism can be tough to take, but can also lead a person to reflect on their own actions and grow from it.

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