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Jacob and Sam are always fighting over whether or not La Push or Bella come first. You know Jacob is cool and all, but you can't let your emotions come first. You have to be selfless in a situation like this. It isn't whether or not we ought to protect Bella, but it's our home and Forks that we need to take care of first. As for that old truce, my job is not to keep people safe from vampires that won't hurt them. That truce is over! The only reason I lost my dad is because when the Cullens left, Victoria and an army of blood-thirsty vampires showed up. If I can keep them out of here then nothing like this will have to happen to anyone again. See I'm not just going to let life happen to me or anyone, but I know I can change the way I live here. I am taking care of my mom and my sister. Leah and I are all my mom has left so I'm giving my all. There's no reason for the pack and La Push to be enemies with the Cullens. Obviously Carlisle is on our side about protecting all of La Push and Forks and especially Bella since she already knows their secret. The bigger enemy is the new vampires.

That confidence Seth has, I think, has to really be in the person playing him. The audience cannot catch a glimpse of ego, pride, or conceit in the person playing Seth; that guy has to be very sincere, full of humility and truth. Kind of has to have that Simba character in him from the Lion King. Well actually, exactly that! You're a little boy with so many mixed emotions about your father's death and understanding starts to take place and you find out who you really are. Your father's son. Only a handful of people can keep on moving forward after their father's death. The way he feels toward the Cullens says a whole lot about how he feels about his father's death. Seth has a very profound character. You must understand; Seth's virtues come from his father. Who better to have the most influence on any boy's life than his own father.

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