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Yes my angel," he asked sweetly and she pointed at his shirt.

"Emmett that better not be what I think it is," she yelled and he ran a hand through his curly hair.

"What do you think it is," he asked and she gritted her teeth.

"Is that the coverall Carlisle bought me years ago?" He shrugged.

"I don't know angel it was in the back of the closet in a…."

"Emmett! Have you lost your mind," she yelled and he looked around. He knew the look in his wife's eyes and wanted an escape from her wrath, so he pointed at Nahuel.

"It was Nahuel's idea! He's wearing a pant leg see," he said pointing and Nahuel's eyes got big. He quickly took off the bandana and threw it at Emmett. Rosalie gave Nahuel a look.

"You had something to do with this," she asked and he shook his head.

"Of course not, I just….well…..he made me wear it to play his game," he confessed and Rosalie looked back at Emmett who had his jaw to the floor.

"You little traitor," he gasped and Nahuel shrugged.

"I like my existence thank you very much," Nahuel smiled and Emmett sighed as he looked at Rosalie.

"Do we at least get a head start," he asked and Rosalie cocked an eyebrow. Nahuel looked at her and then Emmett.

"We…..why did you say we," he asked panicked and Emmett grabbed his arm.

"She doesn't take prisoners, run man run," he yelled and Rosalie jumped off the porch before chasing Emmett and Nahuel. Seth walked out of the clearing and started laughing as Renesmee shook her head.

"Aunt Rose, if you kill my husband, we might have issues," she called out before running after them. Emmett was screaming as he ran through the yard with Nahuel right behind him. Rosalie was yelling at them and Renesmee was trying to calm her down. Seth started rolling on the ground in laughter as Edward, Bella, Alice and Jasper ran up to the house. Alice was clapping for Rosalie and Edward filled in Bella and Jasper since Alice saw the whole thing in a vision.

sorry i just want it to buil to the excitment

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Comment by Meaghan on July 21, 2010 at 7:09pm
can you add another one these are great!!!

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