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Get him Rose," yelled Alice as she jumped up and down cheering on her sister and Renesmee ran over to Alice.

"Nahuel didn't even do anything and why are you cheering on Aunt Rose?" Alice giggled.

"My silly niece, do you really think she would kill Emmett? Don't worry neither of them are in real danger. She just wants to scare them a bit especially Emmett," she smiled and Renesmee slowly nodded. She saw Seth still laughing in the grass and Renesmee giggled.

"I guess it is pretty entertaining." They all stood on the porch watching Rosalie chase after Emmett and Nahuel. Jasper was trying to help them out.

"Split up, you are making it too easy on her," he advised and Emmett pushed Nahuel away from him. Nahuel jumped into a tree and sighed in relief as he watched Rosalie continue her chase after Emmett. Bella couldn't stop laughing into Edward's shoulder.

"I wonder what would happen if she actually caught him. You know it is all a bluff," she smiled and Edward looked at Jasper.

"Jasper, help her out a bit," he whispered and Jasper gave him a look.

"Do you have some type of grudge against Emmett," he asked shocked and Edward shook his head.

"Of course not, I just think it would be funny," smiled Edward and Jasper looked at Alice who nodded.

"Don't worry Jazzy, it will be okay," she said and he sent a wave of calm toward Emmett. Emmett fell to the ground and Rosalie pounced on him. He covered his eyes with his hands.

"I don't want to see you kill me angel! Just do it and get it over with!" Rosalie tried to hide her smile as the others busted out laughing. She straddled his waist and watched as he squirmed a little under her. Esme and Carlisle ran into the clearing looking at the spectacle. They just came back from hunting and both were confused. Seth was laughing on the ground, Rosalie had Emmett pinned with Emmett wailing about his angel taking his life and Esme looked at Carlisle.

"She doesn't have the strength to hold him down," she said confused and Carlisle shook his head as he looked at Jasper.

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