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She's in love with Jacob and we ALL know it

Okay so I was listening to this interview with Kristen Stewart: and she notes that Bella is ACTUALLY IN LOVE with Jacob and she doesn't
want to admit it. She's lying to the people around her and herself.
Personally reading Eclipse multiple times, I think she IS in love with
Jacob and she just doesn't want to admit it! We all know she's in love
with Edward and that she's always going to end up with Edward but
seriously, what if Edward never returned? Do you think she would have
settled for Jacob? At the end of New Moon Jacob and Bella almost kiss
but Edward called and it ruined everything, but I think that if the
kiss really happened, Bella would have felt a different connection with
Jacob and her obsessed chain with Edward would break and she'd see a
whole another side to Jacob. I personally believe that Bella is caught
between these two! Jacob and Edward are mortal enemies, yet they have
to set their differences aside to defeat the upcoming vampires that
Victoria created. When Bella broke her wrist from punching Jacob
because he kissed her I said BRAVO! Why? Well, Bella wasn't going to
kiss Jacob anytime soon and he just went for it! so BRAVO JACOB! He
didn't have be that rough with her but he got his kiss, and then he
manipulates her later in the book before the war to kiss him again
which is Jake's stubborn side. Truly, I think Bella IS in love with
Jacob! And if Bella had the opportunities to kiss Jacob as many times
as she kisses Edward, she would do it. Bella and Jacob grew up as best
friends, they knew each other way before the Cullens arrived at Forks.
So what if Bella never met Edward? Do you think Bella and Jacob would
have hooked up and actually become a couple? Seriously! I thought it
was time I spoke my mind about it now that 30 eclipse pictures were
released and it showed how strong Bella and Edward's relationship was
becoming. Okay, and now the tent scene. This scene is going to be epic!
You have a ice box of a vampire and a hot sexy werewolf with Bella in
the middle in a little tent. Everyone knows there was going to be a lot
of tension, especially when Bella is cold and Jacob has no other choice
but to get in the sleeping bag with her (TOTALLY GOING TO BE MY
FAVORITE SCENE EVER) and we all know it pissed Edward off knowing he
couldn't hold the love of his life. So I want to hear your opinions on

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