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I wrote this for Creative Writing thought I'd put it up here too... and I'm not continuing this. Too much work. :P 

Let me know what you think about it. :)



He watched out the window thunder exploded in the sky while the rain made it hard to see anything. Just like his mind, hazy and misty. With a small self-deprecating smile, he brushed his hand over the cold fogged glass, the barrier between him and the rain.
            BOOM! The lights flickered, going out completely. Without taking his fingers off the window, he huffed at the light bulb, which gave up the battle. He slowly lifted his fingers one by one off the window, hopelessly aiming to find his shoes. He was going to take a walk, in the pouring rain.
            The sides of the streets were filled halfway with rainwater, gushing down the drains. Trees were toppling over; sheets of rain kept falling from the sky to cover the Earth.
            Hands in his pockets, light brown hair dripping down in front of his hazel eyes as he walked mile after mile, from the forest to the other side of the city; thinking of only one thing.

            He gawked at the knife, hearing her slam the door and walking out of the living room. So she wouldn’t kill him, so what? He could do it himself. He was strong enough. 
Picking up the knife, he mumbled, “I’m so sorry…” 
He raised the knife high and plunged it into his stomach. He gasped feeling the air leave his body and fell down on the floor. The blood poured past the knife, over his stomach. Drip, drip, drop. 
The girl with tears flowing down her cheek and rolling down to her neck, opened the door softly; going back to convince him it was a stupid thing to do and win his love back. Little did she know, his life source was pouring out of him.
            She scanned up then down, seeing his body, lying there. She rushed to him and did what her mind told her to do- take the knife out. 
She yelled “God d--- you, Aiden!” 
She picked him up with a grunt and laid him on the beige couch. She hurried to get the first-aid kit. She took out a needle and a thread, sewing the wound he created.
Her mind commanded her once again. She followed and got water. His breath shallowed. She ran back to him and sat on her knees. She made the tip of the glass meet his lips. Causing it to travel in his mouth and down his throat. She parted the glass from his lips and waited biting her lower lip.
            Her heart raced. If he left there was no knowing what she would do. He was her life now and it was dying.
            She waited. The thought crawled through her skin- the water had not helped. Tears resurfaced in her eyes, knowing he was gone and there was no coming back from where he went. She broke down, letting her head fall on her chest and wept. 
After a while, she got an idea; she straightened her pose, staring at the knife he used. Not a trace of emotion disrupted her face. She picked up the bloody knife and glared at it as the blood glistened.
            She took a deep breath making up her mind and raised it high. She thought back on all the memories they had together and let the knife go in her stomach. She gasped as he had and fell on his chest; dying slowly.
            Taking his hand in hers, she intertwined their fingers together. She would be with him and that was the only thing that mattered.


Even if he started thinking about other things, the dream was still in the back of his head; echoing questions to the front: “Who is she? Why did I want her to kill me? And the most important. “Why am I seeing her if I don’t even know her?”
            The rain always calmed him down, but not today. Granted it was tranquil. His thoughts were scattered like the pebbles under his shoes, eroded by the water.
            There was a distant light then he felt a strong force hit his side and he instantly blacked out as he fell.


            Grunting awake, he felt his head splitting in half. Machines beeped all around him. He blinked a couple time to see his surroundings and inhaled sharply trying to sit up. There wasn’t any major injuries, gash on the forehead, bruise on his left side, and some blood loss.
            A girl, who evidently had hit him with her car, rushed to his side to aid him; with her arm supporting his, he sat up. His smile meaning a “thank you” quickly disappeared as his eyes went to see who helped him. Her skin was the same snow-white complexion with rosy cheeks and lips. Same black long hair, same light green eyes; everything besides the fact she was wet, was the exact same right down to the tip of her nose. Shocked, he jerked his hand out of her grip and pressed his back against the pillow, like it could help him get away from the girl who was identical to the one in his dreams.
            She scowled at him, “Fine Mr. ungrateful. Be a jerk! Not only are you rude but also stupid to be walking late at night in the pouring rain. I shouldn’t have gotten out of my car and brought you here to make sure you didn’t die. My passenger seat wouldn’t be soaking wet and neither would I!” Fuming silently in her mind she stepped back from the bed, grabbed her coffee and went to the window, which still showed it was raining outside. His body relaxed as she went away but he kept his eye on her. Maybe he was dreaming again. It wouldn’t surprise him with the headache he was having. Without taking his eyes off of her he pressed the nurse assistance button on the side of his bed.
            “I’d like some pain medication for my headache, please. It’s getting worse.” He pressed on his temple trying to relieve the pain. His voice came out crystal clear causing the girl to turn her head; his voice seemed familiar.
The nurse brought back a couple of pills and water. The girl put her coffee on the windowpane and got the medication from the nurse.
            “You know if you’d just told me you would’ve gotten the same pills, not poison.” She forwarded her hand to give him the pills; and the look he gave her said “I rather have poison.” But he took the pills hesitating, hoping she didn’t pick up on the look.
She did. And she felt like slapping some sense into him. As soon as he took the pills she grabbed her stuff forgetting her coffee and phone. He clearly didn’t want her there so why was she staying over night for a jacka-- when she could be sleeping in her comfy bed.
            He laid his head back watching her go and guilt started seeping in. Sure it was creepy but she did nothing wrong except hit him with her car. It wasn’t her fault his head was screwed up.


            The light from outside came surprising quick, leaving him squinting his eyes and no choice but to wake up. He looked around and pressed the nurse assistance button again. He asked to leave and the nurse nodded saying where his clothes were and he could sign the paperwork at the front desk.
            Leaving the bathroom, he noticed a coffee cup still sitting at the window, remembering that last night was no dream. He glanced over to where she had been sitting and saw a black phone. “Oh great! She left her stuff…” He picked up the phone heading outside, trying to wake the screen up. “Of course it’s locked. It’s always locked!” Stopping in his tracks, he wondered how he would know that. He sighed and shook his head and walked to the front desk; filling out whatever was necessary and asked the lady how he could return the girl’s phone back to her and thank her. Okay, not actually thank her because at that point he didn’t even want to see her.
            As he stepped outside the hospital it occurred to him her didn’t have his motorcycle and there was still big puddles on the ground and he lived on the other side of the city. Groaning he looked at the address of the girl on the paper; it wasn’t that far from hospital. He kept going over the plan in his head as he walked, “Just a hi, give her phone back and get out of there.” About halfway through a song startled him. It couldn’t be his because he didn’t have it on him, so it could only be one thing. He fumbled with the phone and received a call from someone named Angel.
            “Uhh hello?”
            “Hm who- oh hi! You must be Violet’s new boyfriend! I knew Sarah could work miracles!”
            His eyes couldn’t get any wider than they were and he stopped walking. “No! No, no, no! God no! Umm I don’t even know her. She left her phone at the hospital an-“
            “Hospital!” She interrupted him, “Why was she at the hospital? Is she okay?”
He sighed closing his eyes and started walking again. This could take a while.


            He stared at her antique looking door, thinking if he really wanted to risk it. “Here goes nothing…” He took a deep breath and rang the doorbell and waited a while. “Maybe she isn't home, even better! I’ll just leave i-” His thoughts were stopped when the lock unlocked and opened, revealing Violet wearing jean shorts, a pink tank top with her hair up in a messy bun. A white cat purred and curled around her left feet playing with the gold anklet she was wearing. Her inviting smile turned into a dirty look seeing him, she looked him up and down waiting for him to say something. He on the other hand didn’t know what to say; he was hypnotized by how she looked.
            He cleared his throat, “Um, you left your phone…” He took the phone out of his pocket and handed it to her. She glared at him and snatched the phone out of his hand and started closing the door on him. He put his hand to it to stop it.
            “Hey, um. I’m sorry I acted like a jerk. I swear it was the headache not me. Thank you for taking me to the hospital.” He offered an apologetic smile, not sure why he went against his plan but he couldn’t back out now.
            The cat jumped outside and to his leg, meowing to be picked up. He smiled observing the cat and asked Violet silently if it was okay to pick her up. She nodded and he scooped the furry cat up petting it. The cat obviously showed her liking in him and Violet’s mood lightened up. If her cat could trust him, why couldn’t she? Plus he could easily sue her for hitting him.
            “Her name is Maya aka miss attention.” She stepped out on the stairs where they were. “She can’t stand not being spoiled every second of her life.” The cat hissed at her like she was telling her crush horrible false things. Violet smiled exposing her dimples and rolled her eyes as she was watching Aiden caress her.
            “Hey, hey. Don’t say such unkind things about her. I’m actually starting to like her.” He chuckled lightly, not knowing what exactly had happened in the last three minutes. Had a cat really change things between them just like that?
            “You’re forgiven, by the way. For being so rude. And I’m sorry I hit you with my car, I should’ve been more careful.” She eyed him biting her lip softly.
            “Thank you…” He handed her Maya back. “I should be heading home before the lunch hour or I might land myself back in the hospital.”
            She stopped him before he could walk away. “You know... Maya is going to scratch my eyes out if I don’t invite her new-found crush inside.”
She smiled, exposing her dimples again, hoping he would stay for a while. Hearing him talk had made her realize her first impression of him was terribly wrong.

He chuckled softly at her invite, pulling his lower lip in. Her smile was the most alluring feature, combined with the depth of her eyes.

Somehow, he knew she would be the death of him


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