The Twilight Saga

short story type thing that I wrote. first draft. comment on your thoughts about it!! (:

Not sure for a title yet.

The world is quiet, completely still. There’s an electric charge in the air, the clouds are moving faster and the wind is picking up. The leaves are turning over to reveal their pale undersides, and you know that a summertime soaking is on its way. Plop, the first raindrop descends from the sky and lands on your head. Plop, plop, plop, the rains picking up gradually. You look up at the sky at the same time a loud clash of thunder sounds from above. You count the seconds until the next one sounds, estimating the distance of the storm, and when it does, you jump slightly. Goosebumps stand on end, and every nerve in your body feels alive and on edge. Still, you don’t go inside; you want to feel and see every moment of this magnificent storm. The rain starts to pick out a rhythm, getting faster by the second. It’s hitting a tin roof, the ground, puddles, rocks; every different impact like an instrument to a perfect symphony. The emerald grass beneath your bare feet is drenched and cool; as is your clothing. You don’t care though. Any other day you would be furious, but not today. You feel too joyful and carefree to worry about being soaked from hairline to toe. You take another look at the black sky, as a violet streak of lightning descends off in the distance. You realize the storm is leaving, moving to awe some other lucky person. Like all good things, it eventually comes to an end. The blanket of black sky starts spreading apart, letting the sun out again. The air feels less dense; cooler and crisper. The sunlight continues to penetrate through, throwing golden steaks on everything. The rays reflect off the rain drops, giving everything a golden, buttery hue. The mist in the air is illuminated, looking like tiny particles of gold floating around in the atmosphere. Your breath catches in your throat at the simplicity of the beauty. The sun is starting to descend behind the mountains and you realize the best has yet to come. The sky lights up in colors of pink, orange, yellow and purple. A beautiful sunset is in the making, adding to the golden hue of everything around you. The birds start chirping, probably with relief of the storms passing; the frogs begin to croak, relishing in the wetness of the earth. The sunset continues to take on different colors, looking as if a painter had come by and painted this masterpiece for you. You continue staring at everything around you, so awestruck by the splendor that you don’t realize the drop in the temperature. It’s getting cooler, and a chilly breeze rustles through the leaves. It’s time to go in, you think reluctantly. Dragging your feet to the front door, you take one last look at the panorama. You’re immensely glad you stayed outside to witness this striking masterpiece of nature; glad you took time to truly appreciate life, as no one seems to do anymore. You sigh, thinking yet again how all good things must come to an end; we should all truly appreciate all good things in life, but yet, most of us seem to take them for granted. Things change; we just have to learn to change with them or be left behind.

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