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Should They Make Another Twilight Film/Write Another Book or Both?

Should They Make Another Twilight Film/Write Another Book or Both?

I think they should write another book and make into another Twilight film this time instead of it being Edward and Bella's love story it should be Renesmee's and Jacob's love story and what happens to them throught their life, or maybe All about The Cullens and their indivual lives before they came together as a family, or the Volturi's life before they met The Cullens Or The Humans: Jessica, Angela, Mike, Eric And Tyler!!!!

What do you THINK?

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Comment by Pinkie on April 2, 2013 at 7:56pm

Before reading this, I would had said absolutely not.  However, now that I read through your ideas, I like the ones about looking more into the other Cullen's history.  I would love more about any of the Cullen's life before (present)Forks or up to Bella's arrival.  They all have interesting backgrounds. I do not want more of Bella and Edward unless it is from Edward's view.  I would not be interested in anything with Jacob and Nessie, though.  I find that relationship too strange.  I would like reading more about the Forks kids too.  Even the towns people!  Charlie and Rene before Bella?  There are a lot of different stories to explore having nothing to do with Bella and I think I would like that.  I would not like more of the tribe though.  The wolf thing is not a spark for me.  In truth, I am not into vampires at all so I was shocked when this one caught my attention. 

As for the films, I would love to see the entire series again from Meyer's view only, but as she sold those rights, so.....

Comment by Alice Cullen on March 17, 2013 at 2:54pm

I know, right jade they should do that

Comment by тнє Ѧσηтɢσмɛяу ¢σʌєη™ on March 17, 2013 at 7:39am

I like the idea about Renesmee and Jacob/ The Cullen's stories. They never really explained everyone's past in the movies, because either they cut a lot of stuff out or it wasn't even mentioned.

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