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should women be allowed to play in professional sports leagues that have no female league equivalent??

i think that if women want to play in major league baseball that they should be able to. because they don't have a professional softball league and still some women don't like playing softball,(myself being one of them) and like playing baseball.

Some people think that softball is the same as baseball but it is. as you can see in Twilight the movie the baseball sean would be not very good if it was softball. and people would think it waws a stupid sprt to play.

So if women want to play baseball, let them play because i am very positive that there are some women that can give the men a run for there money.

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Comment by Isabella Marie Swan on May 4, 2010 at 4:13pm
I totally agree! I am a strong feminsit and I've always believed woman should be given the same sport oppurtunities as men. Some girls can kick butt in baseball, so why dont we let them play the major leauges? Because we live in a sexist chovanist society. I plan to change that!

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