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Silence-Chapter1-Why are you like this?

 I sat and looked out the window. The rain hit the window. It was a pitterpatter. I listenend tapping my feet to the sound. I closed my eyes listening. The bus stopped and i heard people getting up. I waited til everyone got off then i did. I walked through the halls. People looked at me but they never said anything. Knowing they werent going to get an answer. I would just look and they would look back at me. I would eventually look away though. I walked to class and sat down. I sat and watched the rain hit the window. I closed my eyes and listened to the pitter patter. I made sure there wasnt anyone coming. I stood up and moved my body to the beat. It was slow but soothing at the same time. I opened my eyes and found a pair of beautiful sapphires staring at me. "I'm sorry." He said. His voice matched the way he looked perfectly. It was light but deep at the same time but had a bell ring to it. He was beautiful but in a manly way. He looked to be about 6'2 his skin was creamy white but it looked hard. He was perfect. He looked at me and there was an expression on his face. "I'm Ace." He said smiling. I kept my face straight not saying anything. I sat down and looked out the window. "Didnt he know that i didnt talk?" I thought to myself. I heard the chair move beside me. I looked and he looked back at me. "You dont mind if i sit here do you?" He said with a breathe taking smile. I looked away and looked back out the window.


I stayed like until the beginning of class. The beautiful man didnt try to talk to me anymore. Mr. Micks came and greeted our class. He looked at the beautiful man and introduced him. "Class, We have a new student." "Ace Matthews." He said, I looked at the beautiful man sitting next to me. He met my gaze. "Ace would you like to tell the class about yourself?" Mr. Micks asked. Ace broke the stare and walked to the front of the class. "Hi, The one thing to know about me i guess is that i like a challenge." He said looking at me. I looked back at him.



Okay so here is my newest story. I dont know about my other story right now. But yes this story is going to be one where it may take me a while. I want this one to be good and not just chapters of words. But actually have meaning. So please be patience with me. Thanks for reading!

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Comment by EdwardRob Cullen on November 9, 2011 at 7:01am

luv it


Comment by Jennifer Leigh Black on November 9, 2011 at 12:15am

oh i love it plz keep me updated and i have all the patience in the wotld just to see what will happen next!!!

Comment by Breaking Dawn208 on November 3, 2011 at 8:37pm
Love it so far :) Can't wait to read more

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