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I looked at the beautiful people standing there. My heart was beating a so loud i was sure they could hear it. My mother squeezed my hand. Janaila lead me in and we all sat down in what i assumed to be the living room. Janaila looked at my mother. My mother lookee at me. She squeezed my hand. I closed my eyes. I could see her color was yellow. I could see she was nervous. "The day you were born i was supposed to be meeting Janaila for the first time." My mother said quietly. "I knew something was different" "You were to still that day" My mother said with a distant look in her eyes. "Show her" my mother said. A girl walked forward. She was beautiful. She looked like famaliar to but also in the distant way. She walked to me. She raised her hands. I nodded.

"Janaila when i say go cut and dont stop until you see the baby" "Do you understand me?" Carlisle yelled over Janieces screams. I looked at Janaila. Her face was colored in fear. Seth held down Janieces shoulders while i held down her arms. She was shaking and thrasing around. "Go" Carlisle said. Janaila didnt think twice. She started and Janiece really screamed. Her whole body shook. I could see the pain. It was too much. It was so much blood. Then i heard the cry. It was beautiful. Janaila grabbed the baby. She let her tears fall. She held the baby close. "Hi pretty girl" she cooed. Janiece was still. I heard her heart. It was too fast. But i saw her limply raise her arms for th baby. Janaila looked at Carlisle he nodded. Janaila set the baby in Janieces arms. Janiece kissed her daughter. "Hello,Amena" she said in a whisper. But the moment was cut short. "Take her" was the last thing Amena said before collapsing. Her whole body still. I heard a faint heartbeat. I knew this were her last. Carlisle bent down. He pressed his lips to Janieces neck. But was moved out of the way by a man. He didnt hesitate. He bite down on Janiece. Then he started in her stomach. He spit vemon on his hands and made sure her stomach was back in tact sealing it was vemon. I looked at the man. He had pain but there was love there in every movement. When Janiece shook and then followed by screams. I could see the love in him. He turned and looked at Janaila. He walked over to her.Janaila pulled the baby closer to her. His eyes became pleading. "Please, im her father." He said. Janaila looked down at Amena. Then she handed the baby over. He looked at Amena. I could see the love in his eyes. The baby started to cry. He walked over to Janiece. He laid down beside her. He laid Amena in between Janiece and himself. Amena stopped crying. The man looked at Janiece and his daughter. "My loves" he said before closing his eyes.

i hope you enjoyed this. Please comment. Happy New Years!

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Comment by Patricia on January 1, 2012 at 1:06am

awesome... loved it... can't wait for more

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