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I ran not being able to stop. He pulled me close to him. I looked at him. "She lied" i said the tears were choking me. "Sshhh" he said laying me agaisnt his chest. We slowly fell to the ground. I closed my eyes. My mind instantly went too my memorie of sitting between my parents. I instantly relaxed. I felt Ace's body relax too. I opened my eyes and looked at the beautiful man in holding me. "You dont have to explain." He said. I could see that he's been waiting for this moment. "I met your father completly by accident." "He was out hunting we were going for the same prey" "Then i saw his face, he looked just like you" "I let him have the prey." Ace smiled at the memorie. "He reminds me alot of you" Ace said looking at me. "I remember when i brought up your name." "Amena,you could see all the love in his body" " He told me about the birth." Ace said. "He explained how much he hurt you and your mother" Ace said with pain in his face. "I told him how i left you" Ace said looking into my eyes. "I told him how i loved you with all my heart." Ace said. "Amena, i promise to never leave again without you." "I promise that all the pain your feeling i will be right there to ease it." Ace said. Tears ran down my face. "Amena,you loved me when you couldnt even love yourself." "Amena,i love you"Ace said bending down. "I love you" He whispered pressing his lips to mine. I pulled away and looked at Ace. "I love you"

Thanks for reading. This story is going to wrapping up soon. I hope you enjoyed. Please comment. Thanks again for reading:))

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