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Silence-Chapter12pt2-Ready for everything to begin

Ace looked at me. He smiled. My heart skipped a beat. "You ready?" He said. I took a deep breathe and looked at the love of my life. He pressed his lips to mine. I instantly felt better. He pulled away and looked at me. " I love you" he whispered in my ear. "I love you" I said looking at my beautiful man. He grabbed me and swung me in his back. "Hold on" He said laughing. I squeezed him. He took off. It was scary but fun all at the same time. When we reachedthe house. My heart was beating so fast it hurt. Ace made me look at him. "I'm here." He whispered before kissing me lightly i knodded. I took his hand and walked slowly to the house. I opened the door. I found my father standing there. He didnt look mad or upset his face was emtionless. I closed my eyes to see what color he was. But it was nothing. I opened my eyes. "I love you more than anything Amena, You realize that dont you?" My father said in a broken tone. I felt the tears welling in my eyes. I let them fall. I closed my eyes. Sure enough all i saw was pink. Love. " You caused her so much pain." I said in a broken tone. My mother walked towards me. "Amena,your father tried to be apart of our lives." "But being the selfish creature i am, i pushed him away." My mother spoke. She turned her attention to my father. I saw all the love in her face. "Your father loves you more than anything in this world." "Dont push him away because i did Amena." My mother said looking back at me. The tears were drenching my cheeks. I was mad at my mother. She was the reason my father wasnt with us. "Amena,dont be upset with your mother." My father said in a pleading tone. It caught me off guard. "When i found out your mother pregnant i hated myself for doing that to her." He took a deep breathe. "So i left" "So i couldnt hurt her anymore." "I actually thought i was doing a good thing." "The day you were born was the day i came to ask Edward to kill me." My father said in a broken tone. Ace squeezed my hand. I took a deep breathe.

"Ahhhhh" i heard a woman yelling. I ran as i got closer. I smelled her scent. I saw Carilsle bent over Janiece. She was lying here lifeless. I was stunned. I looked and saw a woman holding a baby. My baby. Before i could stop myself i pushed Carlisle out of the way and bent down on Janiece's neck. I didnt wait for a response. I spit venom on my hands. It stung but i welcomed it. I repatched her stomach. But she laid there. I knew she was gone. But just as i thought that she shook like someone shocked her. Love flooded my body. She screamed. I knew i hadnt lost my love. Just as she screamed i heard a beautiful sound. I turned and looked at my baby. I walked over to the woman. Her and Janiece favored. As i appoarched her she pulled the baby closer to her. I saw the protectiveness in her face. "Please,im her father." I said. She looked down at the beautiful little girl. She handed her to me. I held the baby close. My whole world changed. She looked at me. She was beautiful. She teared up and then the tiny tears ran down her face. Janiece's screams turned to whimpers. I walked over to her. I laid down laying our daughter between us. My life was complete. I had the loves of my lifes. "My loves" i whispered closing my eyes in contentment.

3days later-
Janiece woke up. Her eyes popped open. They were a beautiful crimson. She sat up and looked at me. Her face looked pained. "Where is my baby?" She said her voice was beautiful. "She's with your sister Janaila downstairs." I said in a gentle tone. "She's beautiful like you" i said. "My daughters name is Amena" Janiece said in a angry tone. It hurt. Janiece looked at me. Her face was blank but i could see the pain in her eyes. I knew i had broken her. "Janiece she's my daughter too." I said in a gentle tone. "The one you didnt want" Janiece said in a pained tone. "Janiece,i'm so sor" Janiece didnt even let me finish my sentence. "Leave" she said in an angry tone. My whole body crumpled in pain. "Janiece please" i pleaded with her. She stood up and walked towards me. She stopped right in front of me. "Leave before i do something u regret." She said. Anger was in all her beautiful features. But the pain lied in her eyes. I pressed my lips quickly to hers. She pushed me away and slapped me. It hurt. I knew she would never forgive. I looked at the woman that i loved one more time before leaving. I ran downstairs knowing i only had minutes. Rosalie was holding Ariana. I walked up and took my beautiful daughter in my arms. I held her close. Every piece of me breaking. She looked at me pain in her eyes. I kissed her on the cheek. "Always remember my beautiful baby""Daddy loves you" "I promise one day ill be back" I said in a broken tone. I took one last look on my daughters face. Shechad silent tears on her face. I knew that would haunt me. I handed my daughter to Janaila. I looked up and my eyes met with Janiece's. "I love you" I whispered before walking into the darkness of my life.

I ran to my father. He held me in his arms. " I love you Amena" He whispered in my ear. "I love you too dad" i said "I'm here now." My father said. I looked up at my father. He looked back at me. "I'm here Amena" I smiled. I nodded. He looked up and i turned and met my mothers eyes. She looked at me. I ran to her. "It's okay" I said. She hugged me close. "I love you baby" She whispered to me. "I love to Mommy" i said. We both looked at my father. But he wasnt looking at me. His gaze was on my mother. Before i could say anything he sank to one knee. "Janiece i know i dont completely deserve you but i love you more than anything in this world." "You gave birth to our beautiful daugher" "I dont want to live another moment without you" My dad said in a nervous tone. All the girls awwewd. "Will you please marry me Janiece Michaels?" He said in a nervous tone. I looked at my mother. "I know im crazy but then again whats not crazy about relationship. " "Yes" my mother. I saw the happiness beeming out of her. My father slid the glittery daimond clustered ring on my mothers hand. She looked at it and then grabbed my father. She kissed him. They pulled away. "Wow" my dad whispered. We all laughed. My life was complete

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