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I walked into the studio. I was old and there were cracks in the mirror. But it was comftable. I sat my stuff down and sat down. I looked at myself. I let the tears fall. I got up and turned on the music. Alex Calise voice filled the studio. She sang as i moved. I closed my eyes letting the music flow with my body. As i moved the tears flooded my face. I let them fall. I pushed myself harder and harder. I kept turning until i hit the wall. I fell to the floor. My whole body was on fire. I knew i pushed myself too hard. I sat there curled up in a ball crying. I knew this was because of him. He made me feel like this. He made me feel.... I knew the word but it felt wrong saying. He made me feel alive. Alive. I looked at myself. I looked at the broken silence sitting in front me.



So this chapter was short. Im sorry sometimes less is the best. But i will reward with you with another chapter. But of a different story. Thanks for reading. I really apperciate it.


Songs i wrote too-

Alex Calise-Cry

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