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He did the same thing every morning now. He would walk with me. Not saying anything. But i think he could sense that i liked his presence. One morning though something was off. Something was wrong. When we reached the english class. He went and locked the door. He looked at me. His eyes were hard and i could tell he was angry. I looked at him searching. "Why wont you talk to me?" He said walking towards me. I just looked at him. My heart felt like it was beating. My hands were cold. I felt the tears hitting my eyes. "See, i can tell you feel the same thing i feel for you." He said getting close. Soon i felt his cool hands on my face. He held me making me look at him. "Please, Trust me." He said. I could tell i was hurting him. I closed my eyes. I felt cool lips push onto to mine. I stood there frozen but he kept going until i couldnt fight it. I finally gave in. Our lips moved slowly but i felt his every emotion. It was overwhelming. I pulled back.


"I love you." He said quietly. I opened my eyes looking at him. I could tell he was serious. This was too much. I closed my eyes wishing he would just disapear. "Dont shut me out." He said in a tired tone. "I'm not giving up." He said. "I'm not giving up." He said before pressing his lips to mine again. I didnt fight it. I let silent tears run down my cheeks.


An-Okay so this chapter they finally kiss. Have you noticed something? You guys dont know her name yet...Yes i kept it like that for a reason. Yes, so what do you think of Ace telling him that he loved her. This story is one of those it could change at any moment. Thanks for reading.


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Comment by Patricia on November 28, 2011 at 11:48pm

can't wait to read more

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