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"Amena it's okay baby." My mother rubbed my back. But the tears wouldnt stop coming. It felt like my heart was broken into a million pieces. "Mom my heart is broken." I said feeling out of breathe. "I know baby."  "I know it hurts because you love him." My mother said in a pained voice. "Mom how did you deal it?" I said. I looked at my mother and she had pain in her eyes. "It was hard because i loved your father." "Very much." "But i loved you more than anything and i knew i had to be strong for you." She said with pain in her voice. "So your heart is still broken?" I said letting the tears fall not only now for my pain but my mothers. "Yes, very much." My mother said in a broken voice. She started shaking and i knew she was crying. We sat there two broken girls. Broken by the guys we loved the most. I closed my eyes and listened to the beatless rythm in my mothers chest. I fell into the darkness. Letting it take me. It was blank. There was no feeling no emotion just darkness. "Amena" "Sweetheart wake up." My mother shook me lightly. "You better not hurt her." I heard her say to someone. I opened my eyes and saw a blurry figure before my eyes adjusted. Then i saw him. I gasped.



Okay so who this mystery person? Thanks for reading guys i was thinking about stopping the story but im going to finish. Thanks to everyone who reads the story. I really really appeciate it.



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