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I sat and watched my mother get her hair done. She looked so beautiful. She looked at me. I let the tears fall. Alice stopped and left us alone. My mother came over and hugged me. "Im happy too." She said wiping my tears. I nodded. "You look so beautiful mommy." She smiled and hugged me again. "So do you baby." She said hugging me tight. Alice came back in. She finshed mommys hair. She did down with the sides pulled. The rest was in curls. She did mine. She did all over in curls then she pinned it up and wrapped it with a bow. It looked beautiful. Janailas hair was pulled to the side in curls. I smiled we all looked beautiful. Our makeup were smoky eyes but with a touch of pink. Me and Auntie Janaila put our dresses on. My dress was a light pink with thin straps. The back was criss crossed and the bottom was made up with flowers. It was perfect for me. I loved it. Auntie Janaila's dress was a one shouler aline top with a full but short bottom. It had black with black bows. It was pretty. It fit for her personality. We both watched as my mother walked out of her room. We gasped. She looked so beautiful. The dress was short stopping a little above her knee. It was a sweetheart neckline. Everything about was screaming my mother. Every detail was suttle but it made a statement. She looked beautiful. I grabbed her in my arms. "You look beautiful Mom." She hugged me back. Alice came running out. "Time to start." She said with a giant smile. I handed my mom her flowers. We all got in line. Uncle Seth came and took Aunt Janailas arm. Ace came and grabbed my arm. "You look beautiful." He whispered sending tingles down my back. I smiled. "Thankyou." I whispered. We walked into the house. It was beautiful. Everything was pushed out the way. There was jars of flowers everywhere. It looked like we walked into a pearl. Music started playing. Aunt Janaila and Uncle Seth walked down first. Then it was my turn. I met my fathers eye. He smiled. I felt the tears filling. I let them fall. We reached the front Ace let md go. We walked to our places. The music changed to Christina Aguilera's The right man. My mother walked down. Her viel was covering her face. But i could see her smile. She was glowing. Tears of happiness flowed down my cheeks. I smiled. She reached my father. She handed me het flowers. She turned back to my father. Carislie spoke. They lovely couple have decided to write their own vows.

Sem's Pov-
I looked at Janiece. SHe was so beautiful. SHe was mine. SHe smiled. I took a deep breathe. My voice was shakey. She squeezed my hand. I relaxed a little bit. Janiece you have shown me that it is okay to love. You have shown me that love is not always easy but its worth the pain to have it. We have been through a lot. I laughed. Janiece laughed too. I remember the first time i saw you. I knew you were different. You were beautiful confident but there was something about you. Like you had a mystery too you. I realized that mystery was love. Janiece i promise to love you and our beautiful daughter for forever. I love you. I said. Janiece looked at me and smiled.

Janiece's Pov's-
I looked at my Sem. He was so beautiful. He was mine. I took a deep breathe calming myself. I felt something prick my eyes. Then i felt it slid down my cheek. I realized i was crying. I gasped. Sem wiped my tears telling me it was okay. Sem from the first time i laid eyes on you i knew it wasnt going to be easy to ignore you. I said laughing a little bit. You were so different but still the same. You should me that eveb though someone might seem one way they can be completly different. I was 15 when i met you. Im 22 now. I still love you the same way. You have given me our beautiful daughter. I cant wait to be your wife. You have shown me that its okay to be myself and love a man. To love you Sem.

Amena's pov-
It was so beautiful. You could hear all the love in their voices. I smiled. Seeing my mom cry showed me this was all real. My dad slid the ring on my moms finger. My mom slid it on my dads finger. They looked at each other. "You may now kiss the bride" Carilsle said. My dad didnt even hesitate he pulled my moms veil up and pressed his lips to my mothers. We all laughed and cheered. The reception was outside. It was beautiful. My father took my mother to the
middle of the dancefloor. Keyshia cole trust started playing. They moved so gracefully. They looked like they were made for each other. The music started to fade. Then Katy perry's firework started playing. Ace grabbed me and we started dancing. He pressed his lips to mine. He pulled away laughing. "Ive been waiting to that all night." His hands were on my bad. They sent chills down my back. They were all inching closer. "May i have this dance." My father said. He was looking at Ace. Ace quickly moved his hands. I grabbed my father and pulled him to the middle of the dancefloor. I looked up at him. " I dont like him touching you like that Amena" My dad said with a stern look. "Dad, dont worry okay." I said smiling. He smiled back. "I better not have too." He said with a serious look. "You look beautiful tonight baby." My dad said breaking the tenseness. I smiled. "Thankyou you look very handsome." I said. He smiled. He looked up and i turned and saw my mother was taking the stage. She started singing looking at my father. The song was by Vivan green so far gone. My father walked toward my mother. He didnt even let her finish before he kissed her. Everyone awwed and flashed pictures. I smiled. I felt cool hands wrap around. Ace pulled me away. I felt myself being pushed up agaisnt the house. He pressed his lips agaisnt mine. He pulled away and looked at me. Before i knew it he was dropping down to one knee. I covered my mouth. "Amena,you are my everything." "You are all i think about." "I never want too lose you." "Will you marry me?" Ace said without taking a breathe. "Yes,yes,yes," i screamed. I was silenced by Ace's lips. I pulled away and looked at my ring. I turned and saw my family staring at me. "Im getting married" i screamed. My father faced turned to pure anger. My mother was smiling. Alice was jumping up and down. The rest of my family was watching my family. What a great wedding.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it. So yes this story is finished. Please comment.

Songs i used
Christina aguilera
the right man
Katy perry
Vivan green
so far gone
Keyshia cole

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Comment by Bamboo on January 17, 2012 at 8:39pm

Oh My Gosh!!! This is so amazing!!!

Comment by Emma Smith on January 17, 2012 at 3:00pm

This is amazing

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