The Twilight Saga

Silver Moon on silent wings
Crosses over the magic stream.
Fallen angel softly sings
Of sweet surrender in my dreams.

Fairy tales come true here
Just knock three times on the wooden door.
If you are open you will not fear
When the one who answers you have known before.

Captive bird in an ivory cage
Sings so sweetly of a helpless rage.
All you fear is in your mind.
Just change your thinking, leave it all behind.

Love is bound by a golden chain
With charms of sorrow and pearls of pain.
All your blessings have a shadow side.
Just lift the veil, rip it open wide.

We are born here to discover love
In all its glory like the sun above.
Part your lips to breathe in the air.
Kiss your lover and begin your prayer.

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