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In my blog I will be posting my short stories and stories that are not mine but I love. This is one of my shorter blog and I will be ending it soon, but first...

This Is One Of My Twilight FanFictions:

Introduction: Jacob’s POV: Agony

Bella was in a lot of pain. You could feel it with all your senses. You could hear her moans of agony, see the way she clutched the bed, you could even smell the sweat coming off of her as the thing tried to squirm out of her.

I hated it. I hated that she was being forced to do this, hated how she wanted to have this… this monster. I hated how I could have stopped it. If she would only had listened to me…

It was too late now, my worst nightmare was becoming a reality. The labor started.

I shuddered at Bella’s screams. I even felt guilty for Edward as he had to help get what he put into her out. I hated feeling bad for him. It was his fault this was even happening.

His head shot at me, but not with anger or even a look saying stop, it said I know, this was all on me, I shouldn’t have let this happened. I gulped at the look and left the room, not wanting to see this anymore. I heard one last ear splitting shriek before I morphed and ran into the forest…

Bella’s POV: ComingThrough

I couldn’t bare it anymore, I wanted this to be over already. I felt bad for screaming, for having Edward feel so… so… hurt. I couldn’t even make an adequate word for it. I was in way too much pain for that. I simply had to scream. My muscles were being pulled in ways that I couldn’t even begin to imagine of imagining ever having to feel.

I knew that I would have to be put to sleep. If they didn’t cut through me, my baby would have to bite its way out, and I didn’t want to think about how much damage that would do to me. I let out the longest and most high pitched shriek I could muster with the breath I had, before I was unconscious.

Edward’s POV: Final

It’s coming, it’s really coming! Rosalie rejoiced in her head.

So many thoughts were taking over my mind, I could barely concentrate on my own. But at the same time, I couldn’t concentrate on anything, except Bella. My Bella. In pain. Because of me.

I wanted to freeze time and take her back, back to when everything was simple, before my selfishness made… this. The morphine kicked in and Bella fell unconscious, leaving me to my work with Carlisle. I made everyone leave the room. Alice was already absent, Jasper was still upstairs as well. Emmett took one last heartbreaking look at Bella, and swiftly flinted upstairs. Rosalie was frustrated and ran up the stairway but remained at the top.

Edward. Carlisle whispered mentally. I looked at him questionably. He said nothing at handed me the knife.

I made the first cut around the widest part of Bella’s stomach. The tool made a scraping sound when I went in too far. I lightened my grip and continued.

When I finished opening her skin, I never once thought of the smell if her blood. I was still in despair as the blood ran down the sheets of the hospital gurney. I heard Rosalie’s thought of thirst. I growled at her angrily and commanded her to leave. She left with a hiss. Now, it was time for the part I most dreaded.

I leaned in and dug my teeth into her.

Alice POV: Normal

I sat with Jasper and looked up at him in pain.

“Jasper?” I said softly

“Yes? What is it” He responded plainly.

“I… I don’t know why, but I think …” I sighed, not wanting to continue. I wanted to say Did you ever want children? But I was much too frightened with the way Bella had been effecting Jasper’s absence.

“You think what?” I responded, curious now.

I waited to calm down, so my voice wouldn’t be pained and make him guilty for not being able to give me this. “A child. Did you ever want a child?” I blurted out.

He expression was a mixture of confusion, pain, shock, and even if you couldn’t see it, I could sense somewhere, that he was a slightest humored. I had guessed right

He chuckled and brought me to his chest. I willingly put my head there and closed my eyes. “I’ve only ever thought of it once. Before I changed, that is.” He said as my interest sparked. I waited for him to continue. After a few moments in thought, he did. “I thought about what my future would be like. What kind of girl would I have” – he kissed my forehead – “ What my career would be, and how I would feel about all of it.” A few moments of thought later he carried on. “Children were never around me much. Girls didn’t come that easy either. I had many friends whom were girls, but none of them were interested in me in that way, neither did I them. So children never were brought to my attention. I only had a dream that I would one day find my true love and have a family who would love and look out for me, and care for me. There was only one child in the dream though. One with dark hair and pale skin. But besides the following morning I had never really thought about children.”

His extended answer satisfied me. He has found his other half. Me. And I was perfectly happy with that. Just me and Jasper. Forever. I would have him forever.

We laid there, content until I stiffened and had a vision.

It was a blurred setting, but I knew it to be our house, downstairs in fact. I saw a dark haired woman opening her eyes…

Emmett: Questioning

Rosalie came into our room looking upset. I tried to comfort her by telling her Bella will come through, but I knew the real reason she was frustrated. All she wanted was the kid. And I didn't understand. Maybe I didn't want to know. So I didn't ask.

She pushed my rubbing hand away and growled.

"Rose, come on. Tell me." I begged. She unwillingly turned to me and huffed.

"Edward kicked me out." She said very low. I sighed and led her toward the bed, where we sat at said nothing, absolutly nothing. It was a while until a frantic Alice came sprinting in.

"I... I saw something..." She spoke flatly. Jasper appeared behind her and laid his hands on her shoulders and breathed into her put her hands on top of his and glnced up at him then looked back at us.

Rosalie stood up and walked out of the room. I had no idea why, but she did. I watched her calmly striding and stred at her composed face,. giving no emotion away. I looked at Jasper and he just shrugged. I returned my eyes to Alice and let her continue.

"It's Rose." was all she said and I could only think of one thing that would give Alice a reason to come in here with a stricken expression and a vision to share. "And Bella."

My mind went blank and my silent heart went heavy. Oh, Rose.


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