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I am very excited for Breaking Dawn part I to come out this fall!! I and and most of you have been waiting for a very long time. I long to see how Bella and Edward's wedding turns out. I also long for another seaqual to The Twilight Saga to be written. Hopefuly Steph getts around to finishing and publishing Midnight Sun (Edwards version of Twilight). I am very excited!! How about you??? . . . Leave a comment down below !

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Comment by Mallory OConnor on August 13, 2011 at 11:52pm

I am soooo excited for Breaking dawn. I cannot stop watching the trailer on Youtube. I wish they didn't separate Breaking Dawn so far apart. Really...a year? It seems so long. Why exactly did they do that? I guess to draw it out more. I would give ANYTHING in return for a completed Midnight Sun. I read it just as much as the books. I usually start with Midnight Sun, then go to Twilight and there on and thereforth. It gives such a new prespective to Edward. When I first read Twilight I couldn't get away from this feeling I had that Bella's feelings ran deeper than his. And honestly I felt that way until...probably Eclipse. Even after Edward comes back in the end of New Moon, I still don't completely trust him. So it was nice to read Midnight Sun and get inside his head.


So yeah. Extremely excited for Breaking Dawn!!!! And maybe even one day Midnight Sun!!!!

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