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I got in alot of suggestions for the story I am about to start in my blog. It came down to a story either being a Seth imprint story or an Edward/Bella story. I am a little bored with writing a vampire story so I chose a Seth imprint story. The story will be out by tonight but it is not definate because i still have some work to do!

The title is "The Past changes our Future"

It is basically about a girl who used to live in La Push but then her parents split so she moved to New York with her dad, but when he dies, she goes back to live in La Push. She used to be best friends with Seth Clearwater, but when she comes back, she learns that he became a player. He hits on her one day at school, not knowing who she is. They can't stand eachother at first, but they learn that all of the problems in both of their lives is what clicks them together........until the truth comes out, promises are broken..........and relationships are tested.


So there it is! Tell me what you think! Anything i should add? Anything i should change? Let Me Know!

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Comment by samantha juarez on March 29, 2010 at 7:48pm
I like it who ever thought that seth would become a player.
Comment by Symphoney on March 29, 2010 at 6:50pm
oh my goodness,that was exciting,to read-go for it-you should probably add that her mother wants to move out of La Push,so she has to make a big decision on love versise love-maybe staying with a friend or going with her mother (I know it sounds girlie but much of it won't be when it is written).

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