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I just don't get when someone has to insult you for a comment or question you have on this site! i mean, c'mon! we are all just a bunch of people who have different opinions, likes and dislikes. if you don't agree with something that is said, ignore it and don't insult. makes you less of a person if you try to hurt someone. it won't change the other's opinion. if you don't like what i do or what i8 ahve on my page, i don't care : ) Its my perogative, not urs. I have nothing against Edward. i just like Jacob better. Agree with me or not, it's my choice. No one will change me. This is suppose to be a fun and friendly site. lets try to keep it that way.

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Comment by Afroditi XXX on July 27, 2009 at 12:53pm
i like your page.. i am actually team Switzerland, because i really really like jacob.. but i really like edward too.. they are both trying to win bella.. i don't think it's that easy to pick a side but anyway that's just me..! a neutral opinion :P

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